Religious-Right Groups Identify Slate of Texas SBOE Candidates

by Dan Quinn

A voter guide put together by three Texas groups and the American Family Association appears to identify the religious right’s slate of candidates in the May 29 Republican primaries for the Texas State Board of Education:

  • Veronica Anzaldua, Corpus Christi, District 2
  • Ken Mercer, San Antonio, District 5 (incumbent)
  • David Bradley, Beaumont, District 7 (incumbent)
  • Barbara Cargill, The Woodlands, District 8 (incumbent)
  • Randy Stevenson, Tyler, District 9
  • Jeff Fleece, Liberty Hill, District 10
  • Gail Spurlock, Richardson, District 12
  • Gail Lowe, Lampasas, District 13 (incumbent)
  • Marty Rowley, Amarillo, District 15

Texas Eagle Forum, Heritage Alliance and Liberty Institute (the Texas affiliate of Focus on the Family) collaborated in putting together the voter guide. The guide assigned the candidates listed above the highest “grades” in their contested Republican primaries. It included no information on Democratic candidates.

Read more about the voter guide here. You can check out our SBOE elections information page here.

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