Religious-Right Groups Identify Slate of Texas SBOE Candidates

A voter guide put together by three Texas groups and the American Family Association appears to identify the religious right’s slate of candidates in the May 29 Republican primaries for the Texas State Board of Education:

  • Veronica Anzaldua, Corpus Christi, District 2
  • Ken Mercer, San Antonio, District 5 (incumbent)
  • David Bradley, Beaumont, District 7 (incumbent)
  • Barbara Cargill, The Woodlands, District 8 (incumbent)
  • Randy Stevenson, Tyler, District 9
  • Jeff Fleece, Liberty Hill, District 10
  • Gail Spurlock, Richardson, District 12
  • Gail Lowe, Lampasas, District 13 (incumbent)
  • Marty Rowley, Amarillo, District 15

Texas Eagle Forum, Heritage Alliance and Liberty Institute (the Texas affiliate of Focus on the Family) collaborated in putting together the voter guide. The guide assigned the candidates listed above the highest “grades” in their contested Republican primaries. It included no information on Democratic candidates.

Read more about the voter guide here. You can check out our SBOE elections information page here.

7 thoughts on “Religious-Right Groups Identify Slate of Texas SBOE Candidates

  1. There you have it folks!!! The fruitcakes have spoken. Communist Pilgrims. What a crock of you know what!!!!

    1. Charles: People actually VOTE for those friutcakes… We gotta encourage more people to get out & cast ballots for candidates not beholden to the religious right….

  2. Well heck — when you’re walking through a minefield, it’s always good to know where NOT to step. Rebecca Osborne (Dist 10) has my vote.

  3. I would vote for anyone that is not on the list above. Come to think of it, I would vote for Donald Duck before I would vote for anyone on the list above.

  4. The upcoming election for Texas SBOE is not about Republican vs. Democrat. It is not about one particular Republican candidate vs. another particular Republican candidate. Instead, it embodies a philosophical choice.

    One philosophy represents an old and petty way of life, writhing in cultural biases and hatreds deeply ingrained from a sordid and unclean historical past—a set of ideas that persists in one form or another today (however watered down) and has begat newer ideas that are just as untruthful and spiritually unclean as their parental ideas. This philosophy is about the man in the red satin suit (who is candidate Homer Stokes with the big, round, black eyeglasses).

    The other philosophical side in this race is about teaching the children in our schools factual truth rather than narrow religious biases, fake pseudoscience such as intelligent design, and distortions of American history that are actually an attempt to hide the truth from our kids and rewrite it to make historical evil look like historical good. This opposing philosophy is about renewal and renewing the truth in our time. It is about the Soggy Bottom Boys.

    In my humble and truthfully held opinion, this is basically what the whole Texas SBOE election boils down to next Tuesday. If a Texas voter does not understand all of the complicated religious and scientific arguments underpinning this election and needs a quick and understandable “boildown”
    to make a decision between the two philosophies, I think this does it best. This election is really a philosophical choice between red satin Homer Stokes and the Soggy Bottom Boys. Watch the two films clips, make your choice as to which side you want to stand for, and vote your stand in the voting booth next Tuesday:

    The choice is yours Texas voter.

  5. I had a long conversation yesterday with a dear friend. Deeply religious, though not a far right evangelical, she was clueless about the SBOE. She was taken aback when I described the social conservatives that had controlled the agenda for several years. This sweet lady simply votes Republican at every election. Unfortunately, Texas is dominated by these well meaning, but largely uninformed individuals. Consequently, I am not encouraged that the social/religious conservatives can be defeated until they have wrecked their havoc on the public schools. An informed electorate is essential. How to accomplish that… well?

  6. I’m voting today. SBOE District 10 is the only thing on our ballot I really care about. We’ll see what happens.