The Voices in Dan Flynn's Head

Dan Flynn, R-Van

State Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Van, is of two (or three) minds when it comes to the role religion should play in American law and society.  Warning: Do not try to reconcile these statements, all of which were made over the last five months.

Flynn, on the urgent need to post the 10 commandments in public school classrooms (the subject of his own HB 51):

“Our country was founded on Judeo Christian principles. The Ten Commandments, one of the supreme doctrines of the Christian faith, naturally provided a type of moral compass for the men who created and founded the rule of law and government for America. From an historical standpoint, a proper understanding of the historical importance of these commandments is essential to the necessary education of our children.”

Translation: Christian doctrine is the basis of the American rule of law and government. We must teach it to our kids!

Flynn, on the need to protect Texas citizens from the apparently dire threat of Islamic Sharia law (the subject of his own HJR 43):

“A court of this state may not enforce, consider, or apply any religious or cultural law.”

Translation: We can’t let religious laws be forced upon our citizens… unless they come from my religion.

Flynn, on regulations – supported by a number of faith groups — to rein in the abuses of pay-day lenders:

“I get offended when you try to assign morality to a business practice.”

Translation: You religious busy-bodies keep your Christian doctrine out of my business practices!

12 thoughts on “The Voices in Dan Flynn's Head

  1. I moved to Texas 13 years ago to get away from winters. I’m ready to move back to winters…..if I thought another state was any better. I think the entire country is bamboozled.

  2. For that matter, which Christian doctrine does he want? Oh, I know. He wants what the Christian fundamentalists call “right doctrine.” What makes it right? Hit’s rught’cause Preacher Beverly B. Ferbus says hit’s aright.

    My mechanic says it’s right for me to get a special $300 flush job to make my engine run better too—not!!!!

  3. Not hard to figure out why Texas is in such dire straights. These folks don’t care a thing about the general population which they are supposed to represent they only wish to satisfy their religious and financial base. Among other things our hypocritical republican representatives refuse to abide by the principals set forth in the US constitution if it doesn’t mesh with what their radical right base wishes at a given time. Texans, please get out and vote for individuals who will represent all of us.

  4. While I may strongly disagree with his positions, that isn’t what dismays me. Life, politics, ethics, morality — they all are complex. Contradictory positions are a way of life. What dismays me are leaders who don’t seem struggle with or even see the contradictions.