It seems East Texas Congressman Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert, R-Tyler, thinks he knows why government spends so much money: it’s all those damn brown people who keep coming across the border without papers. Speaking on the Fox News program Varney & Co. this morning, Gohmert had this to say about government spending:

.@replouiegohmert: “As far as the budget, you can’t control the budget when you are bringing in people increasing the spending and crime.”

— Varney & Co. (@Varneyco) February 12, 2016

“As far as the budget, you can’t control the budget when you are bringing in people increasing the spending and crime.”

Never mind, of course, that Rep. Gohmert is promoting myths. In fact, undocumented immigrants pay billions of dollars in taxes each year while not qualifying for public benefits like welfare and food stamps and don’t have access to Social Security or health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). And even the conservative CATO Institute has pointed out studies that show undocumented immigrants are actually less likely to engage in criminal activity than other people.

But don’t tell Rep. Gohmert. He’s too busy bashing immigrants so he can make a bogus… Read More

If you read this blog, you’re probably the kind of person that, for one reason or another, knows the name Barry Lynn. But in case you don’t, here’s a brief refresher.

For starters, it’s the Rev. Barry Lynn.

Rev. Lynn is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. He’s an accomplished lecturer and has written books on matters of faith in public life. He’s also the recipient of the Medal of Freedom from the Roosevelt Institute for his work in protecting the freedom to worship.

The Rev. Lynn also supports the separation of church and state, which is why he’s been the executive director of our friends over at Americans United for Separation of Church and State since 1992.

So, naturally, during a House hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert, R-Texas, had to make sure that Rev. Lynn had his Christian bona fides in order:

I’m curious, in your Christian beliefs, do you believe in sharing the good news that will keep people from going to hell, consistent with the Christian belief?

Here’s video of the exchange:

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There he goes again. Congressman Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert, an East Texas Republican, is once again demonstrating his contempt for people different from him.

Today on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Gohmert assured listeners that he loves everybody before then suggesting that gay people are intolerant, are a danger to society, and are trying to demean traditional Christian values. (Golly. Such loving words, yes?) He explained his distress that anyone would call him a hater. (Shocking, we know.) And to top if off, this man who supposedly  loves everybody actually compared advocates of equality for LGBT people to Nazis. From Talking Points Memo:

So it is amazing that in the name of liberality, in the name of being tolerant, this fascist intolerance has arisen. People that stand up and say, you know, I agree with the majority of Americans, I agree with Moses and Jesus that marriage was a man and a woman, now all of a sudden, people like me are considered haters, hate mongers, evil, which really is exactly what we’ve seen throughout our history as going back to the days of the Nazi takeover in Europe. What did they do? First, they would call people “haters” and “evil” and… Read More

The Republican Civil War is getting hotter. Today at the religious right’s Values Voter Summit in the nation’s capital, East Texas Congressman Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert claimed Arizona Sen. John McCain — the 2008 GOP presidential nominee — is a supporter of al Qaeda. Seriously. Says Gohmert about McCain:

“I heard just before I came, some senator from Arizona, a guy that liked Gaddafi before he wanted to bomb him. A guy that’s been to Syria and supported al Qaeda and the rebels. But he was saying today the shutdown has been a fools’ errand. And I agree with him, the president and Harry Reid should not have shut this government down.”

Tea party activists have been urging Gohmert to challenge U.S. Sen. John Cornyn for re-election in next year’s Republican primary in Texas.

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That’s a tweet today from Michelle Smith, state director for the Texas chapter of Concerned Women of America. The religious-right/tea party wing of the Texas GOP apparently thinks U.S. Sen. John Cornyn isn’t conservative enough. So they’ve been begging for East Texas Congressman Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert to run against him the Republican Primary next year.

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