TFN Insider Keeps You Informed on SBOE

TFN Insider will be blogging live from the State Board of Education meeting this week as board members decide what the next generation of Texas public school students learn in their public school classrooms.

The Wednesday public hearing begins at 9 a.m. and is likely to last all day and into the evening. The Texas Freedom Network has scheduled a public rally in front of the Texas Education Agency building — 17th and Congress in downtown Austin — at 1 p.m.

The board will debate the proposed standards and consider amendments on Thursday. A final vote is scheduled for Friday.

Here are some resources to help you out over the next three days:

Read a summary of the worst changes to the standards pushed through by far-right members of the state board in January and March.

Board member Don McLeroy, R-College Station, has proposed a new slate of politicized revisions, which will be considered this week.

Video of the board meeting will be streamed live over the Internet.

Read drafts of the proposed standards.

More about the State Board of Education.

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