TFN Condemns Resolution Passage

by TFN

UPDATED: It is important to note that opposition to this resolution was bipartisan. Three Democrats (Rick Agosto, Lawrence Allen, Mavis Knight) and three Republicans (Bob Craig, Pat Hardy, Geraldine “Tincy” Miller) voted to reject the resolution. But the board’s far-right members voted, as they almost always do, as a bloc to pass it. With two Democrats absent, the board approved the resolution 7-6. You can read more about the resolution here, here and here.

The Texas Freedom Network just released the following statement:

Today the Texas State Board of Education voted 7-6 to adopt a resolution attacking Islam and calling on publishers to stop writing what the resolution falsely claims are social studies textbooks with an anti-Christan/pro-Islamic bias. Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is releasing the following statement:

“Board members rejected numerous opportunities today to pass a resolution that called on publishers to treat all religions with balance and accuracy in their textbooks. It is hard not to conclude that the members who voted for this resolution were solely interested in playing on fear and bigotry in order to pit Christians against Muslims.

This is the 21st century. Education is more important than ever for the future success of our children. Yet board members continue to ignore sound scholarship and mire themselves in every hot button political issue they can find. They simply refuse to put the education of Texas schoolchildren ahead of personal and political agendas.”