TFN’s Miller on the Anti-Muslim Resolution

Here is Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller’s testimony on Friday as the State Board of Education debate a resolution attacking Islam. From TFN TV:


4 thoughts on “TFN’s Miller on the Anti-Muslim Resolution

  1. It is very telling that Kathy’s proposed resolution language, as Bob Craig’s, were not only both rational and to the point, but that they were ignored. This, of course, confirms TFN’s (and others’) assertions that the intent of the resolution was not to insure future balanced treatment of Islam and Christianity. The intent was to denigrate one religion in favor of another. Ironically, but not surprisingly, avoiding such bias favoring Islam was their expressed purpose to begin with. Duplicity lurks at every corner. The god Janus must be smiling (doubly).

  2. But despite Ms. Miller’s objective, rational, and EVIDENCE-BASED testimony, the stupid resolution still passed. That stupid Board of Education is a misnomer. It should be re-titled Board of Christian Ignorance and Bias.

    But heck, remember, this IS Texas after all, y’all. You can’t expect anything better than that from Texas, and that’s why I am SO glad I don’t have a kid in Texas public schools!

  3. The rudeness of the people in that room was disgusting in keeping with their funny-mentalist non-thinking. The woman who was sitting behind her had a look on her face as though she was smelling something distasteful. All she was hearing were her inner thoughts that were probably, “La, la, la, la, la, laa.” People were walking around, one, at least walked right in front of the camera.

    Just as not all Muslims are not terrorists, not all Christians are as ignorant, bigoted and stupid as they are.

  4. I suppose all of us have been mistreated by cashiers and sales people who had some hurtful agenda other than being customer-oriented. When she was much older and well-known again in TV commercials, the late Margaret “Wicked Witch of the West” Hamilton gave a wonderful filmed interview. In that interview, which I saw, the course of the discussion wheeled around somehow to bad customer service in retail stores. Margaret fessed up at long last and admitted something we might have all suspected anyway. On very rare occasions in retail stores, when some little girley-girl cashier was being mean-spirited with her (not knowing who she was), she for a moment ceased being Margaret Hamilton, became you know who, and said to the cashier in perfect form: “I’ll get you my pretty—and your little dog too!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I know it will never happen—but once—just once—when Kathy Miller testifies before the Texas SBOE, I would like her to look at Gail Lowe in perfect form and say,”I’ll get you my pretty—and your little dog too!!!!!!!!!!!!!”