Texas Far-Right Group Directly Attacks Religious Faith of Elected Leaders Who Support Equality

Religious-right activists are now directly attacking the faith of elected city officials in Plano in an increasingly vitriolic campaign to repeal the North Texas city’s new anti-discrimination ordinance.

The ordinance, passed in December, bars discrimination against LGBT people in employment, housing and public accommodations. Religious-right activists have been trying for weeks to frighten Plano residents by arguing that the ordinance will endanger women and children in public restrooms.

Those deceitful appeals to fear and bigotry are appalling. But the far-right Texas Pastor Council/Houston Area Pastor Council is also suggesting that God supports discrimination. In an email to activists today, the group even uses violent rhetoric in charging that Plano’s mayor and City Council members who support the ordinance have rejected God:

“Remember, it is Mayor Harry LaRosiliere and the five city council members who railroaded this ordinance through with complete disrespect to the community and good government practices who ‘threw the first punch.’ LaRosiliere and the council declared that God either doesn’t exist or His word is false and that even basic biological facts are up for grabs. They assaulted the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God – not us.”

Attacking the religious faith of those who support equality for all is repugnant. Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott, who received an award from the Texas Pastor Council/Houston Area Pastor Council in 2013, should call on the organization’s leaders to halt their hate campaign and apologize to Plano officials.

4 thoughts on “Texas Far-Right Group Directly Attacks Religious Faith of Elected Leaders Who Support Equality

  1. What else would one expect from such haters and obsessed, perverted bible-pounders. They are true to form and precisely opposite to the man they claim to worship and revere. Hate is universal, but such people as mentioned are disgusting and as anti-American as possible.

  2. In MY bible, the real God said to love our neighbors, not hate them. But those disgusting bigots don’t realize how FUNNY they are.

    One outstanding bigot said that we shouldn’t worry, gays will go extinct because they can’t reproduce. I actually got the hiccups from laughing so long. Those bigots don’t know that “straight people” give birth to people who become gays, lesbians, transgendered?

    I would LOVE for those damned bigots to go through the agony that LGBT people go through when they realize they are what they are.

    If they’re members of a “Christian” family, they know that coming out is an one-way ticket to the street. I know of only two religious groups who kick their own children out of their houses: Christians and Islamists.

    It is THEIR OWN offspring but they cannot endure the fact that they were BORN THAT WAY not made that way. THEIR child is “that way?” Not OUR child.

    My question to those bigots is exactly when did they realize they were straight? Me? It just happened. I didn’t think “hmm…I have a choice to make here, what should it be?”” NO! One day boys had “cooties”all over them and the next day, “OH BOY! They were yummy!”

    Gay friends of mine tell me it was the same thing with them, but they had to have additional anxiety because what were they going to tell their parents and would they be accepted?

    For the unmentionable individuals who hate their fellow human beings simply for being who they are, well, I invite them to quickly attend their place of eternal punishment. They’ll enjoy it there, the folks down there will be exactly their kind of people.

    1. It’s sophistry 101

      1.Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself

      => Your love towards your neighbour should equal the love towards yourself

      2. Self-love is a great sin

      => self-loathing even hating is a virtue


      Since it is virtuous to hate yourself and your feelings towards your neighbour should equal those towards yourself, you should of course HATE your neighbour.


      And you will find that those haters tend to have had self-loathing instilled into them from the earliest possible age.