Texas Ed Board Candidate Plays the Religion Card

Lady Theresa Thombs, a Republican candidate in the District 11 race for the Texas State Board of Education, thinks Christians are under attack in a state (and nation) in which the vast majority of people are Christians. From her Facebook page today:

Every Christian needs to show up to the polls this primary season and vote your faith. The State Board of Education primary I am involved in has become an attack against believers that became national news. They believe we have no right to seek public office because we are Christians. “We are to ignorant or stupid”, “nut job”, etc.. For those in Texas, that day is March 4th. It is time to make a stand and stop taking a back seat in the name of political correctness.

What national news is she talking about? And who has argued that Christians “have no right to seek public office”? We would oppose anyone who made such an outrageous and offensive argument.

Nearly all of the members of the State Board of Education are Christians, as are nearly all of the candidates seeking election to the board this year. But Thombs seems to think that pretending otherwise is a strategy for winning election.

15 thoughts on “Texas Ed Board Candidate Plays the Religion Card

  1. Nearly all of the candidates and office-holders for any political position anywhere are Christian. This woman is delusional.

  2. I am Christian. I have no problem with Christians running for office and will vote for them but only if they are NOT evolution deniers, climate change deniers and Tea Party, Fundamentalist, gay bashing nut jobs.

  3. Is “to ignorant” an actual quote of a rather hilarious mispelling or did someone make a typo?

    No one in Texas thinks Christians shouldn’t hold office. I’d prefer we kept people out with delusional persecution complexes, however.

    1. Nobody is trying to keep Christians out of public office. The Texas Constitution, however, prohibits atheists from holding public office. So where’s the war on Christians?

  4. Her religious views do not concern me as much as the title she’s adopted. Last time I checked, in ‘Merica we don’t take kindly to royalty–unless your name is Lady Bird Johnson.

  5. Claiming there is a war against Christians and a war against Chrismas may be a precursor war rhetoric in which non Christians and Christians now following doctorine will be attacked. Much like Hitlers precursor to invading Poland.
    It is as if someone breaks into your house and you call the police and they arrest him and he claims you infringed on his freedom.

  6. Now this one is easy to spot and put on stage at “laugh in.” A real knuckle dragger emeging from the deep weeds about as well equiped for the SBOE as Mcleroy at his pinnacle. If she doesnt get knocked off her whole district should be jailed.