A local Texas Republican Party official is arguing that the nation must close its borders to all immigration, legal or otherwise, if the GOP ever wants to elect another American president.

“With every passing year it’s getting harder and harder to elect a Republican president, and frankly, if things don’t change, in a few years it will be next to impossible,” writes Peter Morrison, treasurer of the Hardin Country Republican Party in Southeast Texas, in one of his periodic e-newsletters today. “That’s because immigrants, far from being natural conservatives, prefer the Democrats by about a two to one margin, and every year they and their descendants make up a bigger part of the voting population.”

You might recall that Morrison and other right-wingers worked (unsuccessfully) to oust Republican Joe Straus of San Antonio as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives following the 2010 elections. They thought Straus wasn’t conservative enough, and Morrison also pointed out that Straus’ opponents in the contest for Speaker were Christians. Straus is Jewish.

Morrison has in the past portrayed white Christians as victims of an increasingly diverse American electorate. He blames minorities and “maggots” for President Obama’s re-election, and he worries about maintaining the

Peter Morrison, the pro-secession and race-baiting treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party in southeast Texas, has released another political screed that portrays white Christians as victims of an increasingly diverse American electorate. And this time he refers darkly to a future in which he and like-minded political activists will be able to “dispatch our enemies.”

Morrison helped lead unsuccessful right-wing efforts to oust Republican Joe Straus as speaker of the Texas Houston 2011. He has also called for Texas to secede and credited President Obama’s re-election in 2012 to “minority groups” that “are simply racist against the party that most white people happen to vote for.” In fact, race is a prominent theme throughout many issues of his periodic e-newsletter, the Peter Morrison Report. VDARE.com, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a “white nationalist” and “anti-immigration hate website,” has published some of his articles.

In today’s e-newsletter, Morrison expresses disappointment over the failure of tea party-backed candidates to win more of the key Texas Republican primary contests on Tuesday. He renews his call for Texas to secede, warning that the country’s demographic changes will make it “virtually impossible for Republicans to… Read More

Peter Morrison, the race-obsessed right-wing activist who helped lead unsuccessful efforts to oust Republican Joe Straus as speaker of the Texas House in 2011, is taking yesterday’s election victory by President Obama very poorly, to say the least.

Morrison, who writes a periodic e-newsletter (The Peter Morrison Report) for like-minded activists, has in the past accused the president of “hatred and contempt for white people, traditional families, small business owners, evangelical Christians, conservatives” — folks Morrison calls the “normal people.” In his e-newsletter today, Morrison expressed his deep frustration that Romney lost on Tuesday even though the former Massachusetts governor “was probably the smartest person to run for President since the Founders.” Then he blames Romney’s loss on — surprise! — minorities: “(M)any members of minority groups are simply racist against the party that most white people happen to vote for.”

Morrison also insists that conservatives must fight to “delay the baby-murdering, tax-raising socialists at every opportunity.” But he sees an inevitable future in which “the maggots will have eaten every morsel of flesh off of the rotting corpse of the Republic.”

So, he says, Texas should secede from the Union:

“Texas was once its own… Read More

When right-wing activist Peter Morrison promoted (unsuccessful) efforts to have state Rep. Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, removed as speaker of the Texas House in late 2010 and early 2011, he noted that other speaker candidates were “Christians and true conservatives.” Straus is Jewish, which Morrison made sure readers of his anti-Straus emails knew. Morrison, who writes a periodic “Peter Morrison Report” e-newsletter (available by free subscription), has directed his venom at various other targets over the years. For example, he claims that President Obama has a “hatred and contempt for white people” (whom Morrison calls “normal people”) and has called Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor a “race hustler.”

Race does seem to stir Morrison’s passions, as another of his newsletters today demonstrates. The topic of his newest political epistle (and many others Morrison has written in the past) is illegal immigration. People from a variety of political perspectives — conservatives and liberals among them — are concerned by illegal immigration. The reasons for those concerns, as well as proposed solutions to the problem, understandably differ. Morrison’s newsletter today, in fact, highlights the current debate in Israel about illegal immigration to that country.

But as… Read More

In the 1990s, San Antonio businessman James Leininger — the religious right’s sugar daddy in Texas — poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into State Board of Education (SBOE) races. That money helped hard-right social conservatives build a multi-year campaign to take control of the board — and turned subsequent board debates over textbooks and curriculum standards into divisive “culture war” battles that put politics ahead of education. But new campaign finance reports — which cover contributions and expenditures for January 1-April 19 — to the Texas Ethics Commission show that far less money is flowing (so far) into most election contests for all 15 SBOE seats this year. Moreover, Leininger hasn’t contributed any money (so far) to candidates in those races.

In the District 12 Republican primary, Geraldine “Tincy” Miller, R-Dallas, is spending a lot of her own money to win back her old state board seat, which she lost to George Clayton, R-Richardson, in 2010. Miller’s spending tops that of all SBOE candidates, by far. She reported nearly $93,000 in campaign expenditures over the first four months of this year. That’s in addition to the $41,000 she spent in the last six months of… Read More