Anti-Straus Activist in Texas Worries about Maintaining ‘Traditional American Demographic Status Quo’

When right-wing activist Peter Morrison promoted (unsuccessful) efforts to have state Rep. Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, removed as speaker of the Texas House in late 2010 and early 2011, he noted that other speaker candidates were “Christians and true conservatives.” Straus is Jewish, which Morrison made sure readers of his anti-Straus emails knew. Morrison, who writes a periodic “Peter Morrison Report” e-newsletter (available by free subscription), has directed his venom at various other targets over the years. For example, he claims that President Obama has a “hatred and contempt for white people” (whom Morrison calls “normal people”) and has called Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor a “race hustler.”

Race does seem to stir Morrison’s passions, as another of his newsletters today demonstrates. The topic of his newest political epistle (and many others Morrison has written in the past) is illegal immigration. People from a variety of political perspectives — conservatives and liberals among them — are concerned by illegal immigration. The reasons for those concerns, as well as proposed solutions to the problem, understandably differ. Morrison’s newsletter today, in fact, highlights the current debate in Israel about illegal immigration to that country.

But as you read through Morrison’s screed today, you begin to see that illegal immigration perhaps isn’t his real concern. At least not deep down. Morrison worries about immigration from what he calls “less preferable countries”:

“The quality and type of culture is directly related to the quality and type of people who live in it.”

And what “quality and type of people” are “preferable” for America? Morrison seems to make his opinion on that pretty clear:

“The media recently gleefully informed us that whites now make up less than half of the births in America. This is entirely due to immigration, both legal and illegal, and it signifies a radical demographic transformation that is entirely unprecedented in history. Yet if anyone here dares expresses any concerns about what this huge change to America’s population means for the future, or exhibits any wish to maintain the traditional American demographic status quo, he is denounced as a Nazi and driven from public life.”

“Maintain the traditional American demographic status quo.” Hmmm… Where have we heard arguments like that before?

We wouldn’t “denounce” Morrison as a Nazi, by the way. No, we think more common terms might better apply here.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Straus Activist in Texas Worries about Maintaining ‘Traditional American Demographic Status Quo’

  1. OMG – where to begin? Let’s see, here in Austin we got all kinds of dark skinned folks from lower latitudes w/o whom we’d be up a creek w/o a paddle. Countries like India, Mexico, & they are highly skilled. I could go on and on, but let me cut to the chase. Mr. Morrison needs to spend some time in Europe, then Africa, then the middle east, then South Asia, so forth & so on — AND pay his own way. Then, & only then it might start sink in that the USA is not the center of the universe & that we white folks need to get out of our comfort zone once in awhile. Demographics are always in flux — everywhere, not just here. Sadly, the guy may be too mired in his prejudices that he might be so anxious to get back to the USA & around “normal people…”

  2. Mr. Morrison’s definition of “normal” leaves a lot to be desired, if it encompasses idiots like him while excluding fine men like Colin Powell or even, dare I say it, Barak Obama. He would fit in perfectly with bigots like the Saudis, though. They don’t like “inferiors” either–such as Christians–so the mindset is just the same.

  3. “Yet if anyone here dares expresses any concerns about what this huge change to America‚Äôs population means for the future”

    Just what would the concerns be?