Texas GOPer Warns of Threat to Nation's 'Christian, Anglo-American Bedrock'

Peter Morrison, the pro-secession and race-baiting treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party in southeast Texas, has released another political screed that portrays white Christians as victims of an increasingly diverse American electorate. And this time he refers darkly to a future in which he and like-minded political activists will be able to “dispatch our enemies.”

Morrison helped lead unsuccessful right-wing efforts to oust Republican Joe Straus as speaker of the Texas Houston 2011. He has also called for Texas to secede and credited President Obama’s re-election in 2012 to “minority groups” that “are simply racist against the party that most white people happen to vote for.” In fact, race is a prominent theme throughout many issues of his periodic e-newsletter, the Peter Morrison Report. VDARE.com, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a “white nationalist” and “anti-immigration hate website,” has published some of his articles.

In today’s e-newsletter, Morrison expresses disappointment over the failure of tea party-backed candidates to win more of the key Texas Republican primary contests on Tuesday. He renews his call for Texas to secede, warning that the country’s demographic changes will make it “virtually impossible for Republicans to win the Presidency, and eventually the Congress.” And he attacks “Cultural Marxists” who want to “undermine the Christian, Anglo-American bedrock of this country from within”:

“The Cultural Marxists who infiltrated the West did not delude themselves with the idea that they would achieve a bloody revolution overnight. They committed themselves to a ‘long march through the institutions’ of our society, determined to undermine the Christian, Anglo-American bedrock of this country from within. They attacked our faith and morality with materialistic evolution and pseudoscientific psychological theories from the likes of Sigmund Freud. They attacked our history with a vicious revisionism, a history written by sore losers instead of celebrating the triumph of the explorers, colonists and pioneers in conquering and civilizing an untamed continent. Only after long years of these efforts of worming themselves into the institutions, both public and private, did their investments start to pay dividends.”

Morrison urges tea party activists to stay engaged for the long-term, waiting for when the economy collapses and opens the door for the political changes they seek. Then, he writes chillingly, it will be time to “dispatch our enemies”:

I encourage all of you to keep working, keep networking, keep building the grassroots. Our time is not past, but rather the Tea Party successes of 2009-2010 are merely a foretaste of what will come when the economic chickens come home to roost. No one knows when that will happen, whether this year or ten years from now, as human economics are ultimately driven by irrational and chaotic forces. Take the opportunity right now to make money, pay off debt and save it for the future. Invest in your families and your relationship with God. We should make hay while the sun shines and we can dispatch our enemies when night comes.

11 thoughts on “Texas GOPer Warns of Threat to Nation's 'Christian, Anglo-American Bedrock'

  1. His bit about the sore losers editing history to suit their purposes is telling. It is my understanding that the flaws we perceive and highlight most often in others are ones that we suffer from. Much of the rest is comical…in a sad, disconnected-from-reality way.

  2. The Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik also obsessed around the right-wing bogeyman and invention, “Cultural Marxists” and their alleged infiltration into politics and society. Like Morrison Breivik saw this as a conspiracy to destroy western civilization, though he has yet to murder over two hundred people because of it (since the Republicans can ruin lives of minorities that don’t kowtow them easily enough).

    Despite the far-right roots of this conspiracy it continues to be repeated within both tea-bagger and “moderate” Republican circles, promoting division and hate in their circles despite their frequent denunciations of Democrats, especially Obama, for supposedly being the “divisive” ones.

  3. Please don’t dismiss this guy as just another nutcase. The rhetoric is Rushdoony’s Dominionist hate speech combining Christian Nationalism with white supremacy. A small, unscrupulous faction willing to do anything to gain power is a dangerous group. The same (tone downed) rhetoric is repeated by mainstream candidates for public office in Texas and it’s chilling. Don’t underestimate these people. They’ve already gained enough power to shut down women’s health clinics. They are un-American and undermine our democratic republic. They scream and moan about government overreach until they gain power and then they will dictate every aspect of our lives. The Taliban has nothing on these treasonous racist louts.