Was it wrong for the federal courts to force an end to school segregation and the ban on interracial marriage in Texas? One might be excused for wondering whether the folks at Texas Values think so.

Texas Values, lobby arm of the right-wing, Plano-based group Liberty Institute, insists today that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott “stands up against lesbian mayor.” The anti-gay group notes that Abbott, a Republican running for governor this year, has filed court briefs in two lawsuits regarding Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s move to extend insurance benefits to the same-sex spouses of city employees who were married in states where such unions are legal. Abbott’s briefs are in opposition to that policy.

The Texas Constitution and state law bar recognition of same-sex marriages, but such unions are legal in 17 states and the District of Columbia. As the Houston Chronicle reports, Parker and the city attorney support extending benefits to married spouses of city employees by pointing to last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling against the federal Defense of Marriage Act, other relevant case law, and the federal government’s recognition of same-sex marriages conducted where such unions are legal.

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In this week’s episode of “The Louie ‘Terror Babies’ Gohmert Files,” the East Texas congressman expresses his rejection of both marriage equality and evolution.

As our friends at Right Wing Watch report, Gohmert — speaking on a right-wing program — went on a rambling diatribe about the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act. At one point he explained that King Solomon would have remained “the wisest man in the history of mankind” if he had just stuck to one wife. And then he dragged evolution into the discussion:… Read More

That’s the question Rep. Tim Faust, a state representative in the Minnesota House — and a minister — asked in announcing his vote in favor of same-sex marriage yesterday. The speech is quite moving and an eloquent defense not only of the importance of basic fairness under the law, but also of the beauty of the American secular system that protects the religious liberty of all its citizens. Watch it.

The Minnesota House voted 75-59 Thursday to pass a marriage equality bill through the legislature. The Senate is expected to vote on — and pass — the bill on Monday, and Gov. Mark Dayton has pledged to sign the bill if it passes.… Read More

Limiting access to birth control. Telling gays and lesbians who they should love and who they can’t. Opposing effective sex education for teens.

Politicians are way too interested in the private sex lives of ordinary Texans. Just who elected them to play Cupid, anyway?

Go to cupidorstupid.org to join a new Texas Freedom Network Education Fund campaign that respects the private and personal decisions of Texans.

With one month to go in the legislative session, there’s still time to put a stop to several bills that fail to show all Texans the respect they deserve. Worse yet, there’s little indication lawmakers will stop interfering when session ends. You see, there’s a well-documented history.

Texas legislators have openly declared war on birth control. Some politicians even want to let employers impose their religious beliefs on workers by denying them insurance coverage for contraception.

Meanwhile, Gov. Perry says gays and lesbians should simply move to another state while he and other politicians attack and demean their relationships. And Texas State Board of Education members think the solution to soaring teen birth rates is to keep young people ignorant about birth control and disease prevention.

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Just days after Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott received an award on March 22 from the far-right Houston Area Pastor Council/Texas Pastor Council, the group’s executive director says supporters of marriage equality for gay and lesbian Americans are “enemies of God” and is calling on Christians to pray for their destruction.

The Pastor Council’s Dave Welch issued his call for “imprecatory prayer” on Monday, the day before the U.S. Supreme Court took up the first of two marriage equality cases it is hearing this week. Welch compared those cases to the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that protected the right of women to choose whether to have an abortion. Welch said the Roe decision had been handed down while abortion wasn’t socially accepted:

“In contrast, the enemies of God have been much wiser and have turned the hearts and minds of many if not most people away from His standards of morality and His design of gender and marriage – preceding the Supreme Court case and decision.

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