Politicians Should Stop Meddling in Texans' Private Lives

Limiting access to birth control. Telling gays and lesbians who they should love and who they can’t. Opposing effective sex education for teens.

Politicians are way too interested in the private sex lives of ordinary Texans. Just who elected them to play Cupid, anyway?

Go to cupidorstupid.org to join a new Texas Freedom Network Education Fund campaign that respects the private and personal decisions of Texans.

With one month to go in the legislative session, there’s still time to put a stop to several bills that fail to show all Texans the respect they deserve. Worse yet, there’s little indication lawmakers will stop interfering when session ends. You see, there’s a well-documented history.

Texas legislators have openly declared war on birth control. Some politicians even want to let employers impose their religious beliefs on workers by denying them insurance coverage for contraception.

Meanwhile, Gov. Perry says gays and lesbians should simply move to another state while he and other politicians attack and demean their relationships. And Texas State Board of Education members think the solution to soaring teen birth rates is to keep young people ignorant about birth control and disease prevention.

Had enough yet? Add your name at cupidorstupid.org to the growing number of people who agree that politicians need to get out of the business of telling Texans who and how they can love.

2 thoughts on “Politicians Should Stop Meddling in Texans' Private Lives

  1. My son’s middle school science teachers have handed out letters that require parents to opt-in to partecipate in a human sexuality instruction. this clearly violates the current legislation! I am sure this is happening in many schools in Texas.

    1. Just found this website after expressing some concerns at my daughters high school. My initial concerns arose after her bringing home a flyer from orientation titled, “Marcus HS New Conservatives Club”. I’ve expressed other concerns that teachers are over stepping their boundaries on value issues such as sexuality. The sad part is, there are others in my community who don’t share “their” values; but for the most part we talk amongst ourselves and are less vocal. My suggestion is that you speak up and address the issue with school administration. I’m sure other parents share your views.