For years, religious-right groups screamed that President Obama was ignoring the imprisonment of a Christian pastor in Iran. The American Family Association (a prominent backer of former Texas governor Rick Perry) has been so hateful that it even suggested the president cares more about Muslims than he does a Christian like that pastor, Saeed Abedini.

Then over the weekend Abedini was among four Americans released after a long and delicate period of negotiations between U.S. and Iranian officials. (Iran also released a fifth American, although reports indicate that release wasn’t directly related to the larger deal.)

On Monday the AFA sent out a celebratory email without even noting the Obama administration’s actions in gaining Abedini’s release. In fact, here’s the only mention of President Obama at all:

Through the AFA Action Alert, hundreds of thousands of emails, letters and phone calls flooded the State Department, members of Congress and President Obama during his time in prison.

That’s it. The email goes on:

Regardless of the publicly stated reasons for his release, we know that God has answered the prayers of His people.

“Regardless of the publicly stated reasons for his release”? What does that mean?

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The religious right’s response to the indictments against Gov. Rick Perry has at times been comical. We’re not going to get into the details of the legal case against Gov. Perry itself — it’s not our thing here at TFN, and we’re not a law firm.

What is our thing is monitoring and reporting on the loony things the religious right says and does. Like this tweet from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, the Mississippi-based hate group that helped organize Gov. Perry’s prayer event in Houston just before he announced his first presidential bid in August 2011.

A few things about this:

1) There was no district attorney indicting anyone in this case. Grand juries, not district attorneys, are the ones tasked with indicting people.

2) There really isn’t a district attorney litigating this case either. What there is, however, is a special prosecutor — appointed by a Republican judge.

3) The special prosecutor in this case is San Antonio lawyer Michael McCrum. And she is actually a he, making it incredibly difficult and therefore unlikely that he is a lesbian.

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Bryan Fischer, the minister of propaganda for the hate group American Family Association, is one of the far right’s most prominent climate-change deniers. He sarcastically tweets today:

Catastrophic global warming alert: Colorado gets five inches of snow. IN APRIL.…

— Bryan Fischer (@BryanJFischer) April 23, 2013

Fischer thinks an April snowfall in Colorado is unusual? Good grief. The average April snowfall in Denver is about 9 inches. The only month with higher average snowfall is March. So add Fischer’s tweet to the list of ignorant statements made by anti-science fanatics.

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UPDATE Late Thursday the haters at the right-wing Texas Pastor Council sent out an email promoting a “Save Our Scouts” rally on Wednesday at the Boy Scouts of America national headquarters in Irving (near Dallas). The message promotes the smear that gay people are inherent threats to children and churches:

Pastors, if the scouts fall, the church is next in the sights of the activists committed to forcing their immorality on society – WILL YOU COME?

Fathers, if we allow our boys to be targeted by those who believe there is no moral code and no definition of gender – WHO WILL DEFEND OUR CHILDREN?

Mothers, your voice of courage and protection of the virtue of our children is desperately needed – WILL YOU STAND ALSO?

The email includes a link to a website where activists can get phone numbers (provided by the American Family Association) for each board member for the Boy Scouts of America. The website encourages activists to insist that board members not “allow homosexuals to serve with boys.”


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Bryan Fischer, who last week called on religious-righters to rally around Texas Gov. Rick Perry in 2016 if Mitt Romney loses the presidential election this November, is promoting wild claims about the murdered U.S. ambassador to Libya. Here is a post on his Twitter account Monday:

“Ambassador to Libya was gay, Hillary knew it, sent him anyway. Gang-raped by Muslims before killed.” The post then links to an article from the right-wing Washington Examiner with these unsubstantiated claims. The Examiner story runs under the headline “Did Hillary Clinton send a gay ambassador to Libya as intentional provocation?” The story attributes the claim that Ambassador Chris Stevens was gay to unnamed “Serbian diplomat.”

Fischer is a spokesman for the American Family Association, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as an anti-gay hate group. Gov. Perry asked the AFA to organize his Houston prayer extravaganza in August 2011, just before the governor officially announced his failed campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

At least one prominent right-wing activist in Texas is also circulating an email about the Examiner story, suggesting that the Obama administration is to blame for the ambassador’s murder.

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