And This Matters How?

The religious right’s response to the indictments against Gov. Rick Perry has at times been comical. We’re not going to get into the details of the legal case against Gov. Perry itself — it’s not our thing here at TFN, and we’re not a law firm.

What is our thing is monitoring and reporting on the loony things the religious right says and does. Like this tweet from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, the Mississippi-based hate group that helped organize Gov. Perry’s prayer event in Houston just before he announced his first presidential bid in August 2011.

A few things about this:

1) There was no district attorney indicting anyone in this case. Grand juries, not district attorneys, are the ones tasked with indicting people.

2) There really isn’t a district attorney litigating this case either. What there is, however, is a special prosecutor — appointed by a Republican judge.

3) The special prosecutor in this case is San Antonio lawyer Michael McCrum. And she is actually a he, making it incredibly difficult and therefore unlikely that he is a lesbian.

But in any case, you probably know who Fischer was trying to attack in this mess of a tweet. Whether she is or isn’t a lesbian is irrelevant to most reasonable people. But to extremists like Fischer, that kind of thing matters, as he believes being gay or lesbian should disqualify you from holding ANY public office. A ridiculous claim, for sure, that we may get to at another time in another blog post.

13 thoughts on “And This Matters How?

  1. Wait! He believes that sexual orientation should disqualify you from office. Heterosexual is a sexual orientation.So that disqualifies all humans and possibly even animals. What a putz!

    1. Texas has King Putz in the Gov’s office and Prince Putz for an Atty. Gen. If only there was a mothership to beam me out of this crackpot of a state.

      1. I grew up and live in the “crackpot state”. It wasn’t always this way – only since it became a red state. Let’s hope it changes, the sooner the better.

        1. A big “aye” to sooner the better to give hope to a lot of Texas residents. Then there’s Gomert, let’s all agree to drop the t and just call him Gomer; no wait, Gomer Pyle had a lot more class than Louis Gomert. Google Louis Gomert is an idiot” and be amazed by the number of returns you get.

        2. And you know what Penny? All ’em air red states is commonist. You kin tell by thur cullers. Carson McCullers that is.

  2. I have ceased to be amazed at the simpleton holy-roller freak’s commentary on anything; however, that does not prevent my amazement at the depth of their ignorance and stupidity. Be that as it may, one cannot deny the entertainment factor of their antics.

  3. One can be diligent in researching civic affairs and taking informed, reasoned positions. Then, some ignorant (or, often a lying SOB) puts out trash like this from the AFA. It would be funny except that too many people actually believe these stories and then formulate their votes influenced by this nonsense.

  4. Bryan “Colonel Flagg” Fischer, who normally communicates with his lemmings by a series of farting and tap dancing (sorry KV), has apparently received the following “credible” information:

    “Hey, what if she’s she’s a lesbian??!!”

    The real story here is that Bryan thinks lesbians have power to abuse.

  5. My bird-dog Roxy is way smarter, smells better, & is certainly more religious than Gov. Perry or Bryan Fischer. God help us.

    1. What god? Where? How? When? Why, as the existence of any of the roughly 15,000 of man’s gods and goddesses has ever, in the entire history of humanity been demonstrated, much less proved beyond any reasonable doubt to be anything more than a mental virus.

      1. Ken, having a high I.Q., good education, and a computer doesn’t cause people to respect you or your thinking. It would become you to play like you are a decent, humble person if you intend to sell folks on something. Your retoric is quite similar to a religious bigots babbling. I am forced to put you on my Prayer List. Good luck and best wishes.

        1. And we’ll all see just how effective that is, and for what am I on that list of lists you call a “Prayer List”? I’m quite certain I’ve been on such lists many times before and I remain the person I’ve always been; open, helpful, friendly, compassionate, thoughtful and above all a southern gentleman human being. You may inquire of any neighbor, all of whom are “believers” including Dee, my lovely and loving bride for the past 48-years. She knows I am an atheist and tells all her christian friends not to hit on me and I am friends with her pastor. You list will be just as effective where the sun doesn’t shine.