Another Science FAIL at American Family Association

Bryan Fischer, the minister of propaganda for the hate group American Family Association, is one of the far right’s most prominent climate-change deniers. He sarcastically tweets today:

Fischer thinks an April snowfall in Colorado is unusual? Good grief. The average April snowfall in Denver is about 9 inches. The only month with higher average snowfall is March. So add Fischer’s tweet to the list of ignorant statements made by anti-science fanatics.

The American Family Association, you might recall, helped organize Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s August 2011 prayer extravaganza in Houston.

5 thoughts on “Another Science FAIL at American Family Association

  1. So Bryan is right!

    It looks like Colorado is getting below average snowfall for April.

  2. An ardent observer of detail, Fischer, noting that his shoes curve up slightly from heel to toe as they age, has determined that the world is not spherical, but bowl-shaped. What more proof is needed?

    Head-in-the-sanders prefer the term “global warming” to “climate change” because when it gets cold, they can say…
    “So much for global warming!”