Standing with Bigots and Extremists?

Why is Liberty Institute, the Texas affiliate of the right-wing Focus on the Family, standing with religious bigots and an extremist who hates the Statue of Liberty? It’s a question worth asking about a group that bills itself as “protecting freedom” and wanting students to learn how to be patriotic.

LI sent out an email Friday calling on supporters to “join us at The Response,” a planned Christians-only prayer rally on August 6 in Houston sponsored by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. You might remember that LI is the same group that has bizarrely and very dishonestly suggested that teachers who helped write new social studies curriculum standards in 2009 were engaged in a “war on Christmas,” unpatriotic and opposed to teaching Texas kids about national icons like the Liberty Bell and holidays like Veterans Day.

But not only is the Houston prayer rally Liberty Institute supports being organized by a vicious hate group (the so-called American Family Association) and anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic zealots. One of the event’s most prominent backers is also a religious fanatic who calls the Statue of Liberty “a demonic idol.”

What? Liberty Institute wants to share the stage with a hate group, religious bigots AND an extremist who presumably would be happy taking a wrecking ball to one of our nation’s most famous patriotic icons? Apparently so. We think LI got it wrong when changing its name from Free Market Foundation a couple of years ago. Perhaps a more appropriate new name would have been the “Hypocrisy Institute.”

6 thoughts on “Standing with Bigots and Extremists?

  1. The Law of inverse attribution holds that the liar blames others with his own worst virtue. and brags about his least. Ergo, the Constitution has got to be brought back to the standards in place before that unfortunate affair at Appomatox Courthouse.

    There is no institution of government that escapes the ire of the Tea Party which raises one question. What are they going to replace our government with? The only institution they do not castigate is the military. This suggests that there is some nut who thinks that turning the country over to the military will bring Jesus back, or at least eliminate property and estate taxes. While it is close to impossible that a serious senior military officer would do more than gag on the idea, they only capacity to manage civil government is in the Civil Affairs units of the Army Reserves consisting of people already in civil government as their day job. And they know better, particular after the mishandling of Civil Affairs in the current unpleasantness.

    The Communists were pretty clear on the steps to the Worker’s Paradise, and what it ought to look like one government withered away. What we have here is torch and pitchfork. The Nazis had thier list and Quislings all lined up.

  2. It is not surprising to me that all of the fruits have decided to assemble in the fruit bowl. Anyone surprised?

  3. Carefully read ‘Rick Perry’s Army of God’ in the August issue of the Tx Observer. It should not be surprising to any observer of Mr. Perry’s flirtation with a presendial run that he would so boldly court those who would take over the government in the name of religion. Many tought one of the underlying principles of our government was the separation of church and state. Lo…our Gov is not among those!!!

  4. Yes, I know of a person who wrote a letter to the Texas Ku Klux Klan to ask them if they planned on endorsing and attending the Perry event because it says on their website that they are a “Christian organization.” No response was received. So, my friend is taking that answer as a “Yes.” until he hears anything different.