Molly White’s Many Clarifications

State Rep. Molly White, R-Belton, is sticking to her guns and not apologizing for anti-Muslim comments she made on Facebook a week ago. So maybe it’s time to put a final period on this whole thing. For now. Maybe.

We know White is not apologizing because she’s pretty much said so in several attempts to explain, and shift the blame, for her comments. She started by saying her comments were taken out of context and blown out proportion. She also said she didn’t expect anyone outside her district to see her comments, nevermind the fact that she posted them on the Internet.

The latest explanation/blame-shifting came Wednesday, again on Facebook. On her page, White blamed “political correctness” for the whole thing:

Last week during Texas Muslim Capitol Day, I posted a statement on my Facebook page to bring attention to a serious problem facing Texas and the United States of America. Instead of understanding the comment, the political correctness that dominates our public dialogue sought to construe the statement into something intolerant, bigoted and anti-American. This politically correct syndrome seeks to inflict social discipline and tolerance reminders on the perpetrators of candid statements with the intention to silence comments on important issues that face our society. When we remain silent, we lose the opportunity to shed light on issues important to our freedom

Those comments were attached to this video, in which she claims her office is open to all and that “she never asks” about the religious backgrounds of visitors. Technically, she’s right. In her original Facebook post she made it clear it was her staff that was instructed to do pretty much just that.

Incidentally, the Texas Tribune debunked the claims White makes about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in her video.

Now the entire controversy seems to be dying down. And maybe White, a freshman lawmaker, will learn from the experience and will avoid the kind of rhetoric that made her story go viral.

So this is it, yes? Maybe. For now.

2 thoughts on “Molly White’s Many Clarifications

  1. Molly White is the same person who has a bill to ban all birth control in Texas. She claimed to have had two abortions when she was in her 20’s, and still have guilt feelings about it. She did not have a Democratic opponent in the General Election. Hope she has a Democratic opponent next year.

  2. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “She’s not a very smart person.”

    On her FB page, Rep. Molly White wrote:

    “Folks, I am banning users that are insulting and not in my District. I do not apologize for my comments above. If you love America, obey our laws and condemn Islamic terrorism then I embrace you as a fellow American. If not, then I do not.”

    So, she makes up her own rules about who is a “fellow American.” Who’s going to clue in Molly that all those Muslim families in her district are, in FACT, fellow Americans?