McLeroy’s Heir

If you were wondering who would carry the anti-science banner on the State Board of Education after the departure of Don McLeroy, ladies and gentlemen, meet Representative Carlos “Charlie” Garza, R-El Paso:

Last year my son came to me and started talking about global warming… and I showed him research that said that there is no clear consensus – either scholarly or otherwise – that suggested that even existed. But yet it was being taught as a basis of fact in the school. And when we have such a paradigm being introduced to children, then we have a problem on our hands.

And this little diatribe came during a discussion of the board’s operating rules! What will Mr. Garza have to say at the April meeting when the science standards are actually on the agenda? Probably something like this:

The real question this board should be dealing with is not so much what is clear or isn’t clear because you can’t define it, but rather, if there is opposing points of view, that both sides be presented in order to add a more balanced point of view about what’s happening in the classroom.

Teach “both sides,” huh? Garza has clearly been briefed on the latest “intelligent design” talking points.

Watch the full clip of Garza doing his best McLeroy imitation (bad grammar and all):


10 thoughts on “McLeroy’s Heir

  1. I don’t believe in gravity. There is no clear consensus that it exists. If students aren’t present my belief, they’re obviously not getting a balanced point of view.

  2. Unfortunately Rene Nuñez (D) of El Paso didn’t really campaign for re-election this past Nov. and basically handed the seat to Garza. Nuñez carried El Paso county but lost primarily because of Midland where 22 thousand of the total 26 thousand votes were cast for Garza (about 85%). If Nuñez had bothered to campaign and El Pasoans had gone to the polls, perhaps he would have spared us from Garza. I hope the local media in El Paso bothers to publicize his antics during his term but I would’nt hold my breath.

  3. Im sorry that this clown is representing my side of the state. I wish I had his kid in my classroom!

  4. At a time when so many members of the general public are deeply concerned about dysfunctional government and wasteful government spending of our hard-earned tax dollars, I find it absolutely incredible that the Texas SBOE is headed in the direction of doing the following:

    1) Encouraging the use of tax dollars to purchase supplementary science textbooks from an organization like FTE. In my opinion, such textbooks belong on the same shelf as books about Atlantis the lost continent, human abductions by gray aliens, ancient gods from outer space, and Batman comic books. Is this the way you want your tax dollars spent?

    2) The adoption of these textbooks is certain to bring a First Amendment lawsuit in federal district court that will plainly fail the federal Lemon Test. The ensuing trial will be a replay of the 1925 Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee. It will make Texas the laughingstock of the entire civilized world, as it did for Tennessee, and that includes most of the Christian world too. In addition, the trial will cost some local school board about $2 million in hard-earned tax money. That is your tax dollars people.

  5. What is it about village idiots that they must stand in the middle of the village and shout, “I’m an idiot!”

  6. I really don’t think “Pandas” will be adopted. C’mon, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Once again, my apologies for Garza, he is clueless.

  7. “… on the same shelf as books about Atlantis the lost continent, human abductions by gray aliens…” I agree, because everyone knows that aliens are GREEN, not gray. And Atlantis can be clearly found in the Bahamas. Off-peak, if you are on a budget.

  8. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and it is not one that they would win. The Texas SBOE is susceptible to getting egged on by organizations such as the Discovery Institute who hold out false hope as a carrot. All DI needs to do is show that they have achieved something that looks like action. See Mr. Ahmanson. We caused a lot of trouble down in Texas. Howse about another $1 million?

  9. Ever notice how climate deniers always cite no “scientific” or “scholarly” evidence to support global warming yet are mysteriously unable to come up with any names of scientists or peer-reviewed studies to support their opinion? So WHO are these climate-denying scientists who have done all these exhaustive and comprehensive studies and have proven global climate change doesn’t exist? I’m still waiting for some names and appropriate credentials. In fact, give me ONE name. They never can give one lousy name.

    It’s also a riot that they don’t seem to give a flea’s fart what their descendants will experience in the future based on decisions we as a society make today. I never had children so I leave no descendants to feel the results of the decisions people like Charlie Garza will make. But Mr. Garza doesn’t seem to give a s**t about his own kids and descendants.