McLeroy’s Heir

by Ryan

If you were wondering who would carry the anti-science banner on the State Board of Education after the departure of Don McLeroy, ladies and gentlemen, meet Representative Carlos “Charlie” Garza, R-El Paso:

Last year my son came to me and started talking about global warming… and I showed him research that said that there is no clear consensus – either scholarly or otherwise – that suggested that even existed. But yet it was being taught as a basis of fact in the school. And when we have such a paradigm being introduced to children, then we have a problem on our hands.

And this little diatribe came during a discussion of the board’s operating rules! What will Mr. Garza have to say at the April meeting when the science standards are actually on the agenda? Probably something like this:

The real question this board should be dealing with is not so much what is clear or isn’t clear because you can’t define it, but rather, if there is opposing points of view, that both sides be presented in order to add a more balanced point of view about what’s happening in the classroom.

Teach “both sides,” huh? Garza has clearly been briefed on the latest “intelligent design” talking points.

Watch the full clip of Garza doing his best McLeroy imitation (bad grammar and all):