More on the Foundation for Thought and Ethics

Yesterday, TFN broke the news that a creationist organization had formally notified the State Board of Education of its intention to submit materials for the upcoming science adoption. And not just any creationist organization — the Foundation for Thought and Ethics (FTE) is the publisher of the infamous textbook Of Pandas and People that landed a school in Dover, PA in court for forcing religious ideas on students in science class. The resulting ruling (Kitzmiller v. Dover) was an epic smack-down from which the “intelligent design” movement has not yet recovered.

Our friends at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) have passed along some helpful background on FTE’s involvement in that landmark case. So here’s some homework for science-defenders in Texas:

Critique: “Of Pandas and People”

FTE Seeks to Intervene in Dover

Over for FTE in Dover

FTE Intervention

2 thoughts on “More on the Foundation for Thought and Ethics

  1. The Foundation For Thought And Ethics? Seriously? I couldn’t think of a title more Orwellian (or Huxleyan) than that if I tried!

    If it weren’t so damned scary, I’d be rolling on the floor laughing.

    The Righties want to implement the Uterus Gestapo. Now they mean to implement the Thought Gestapo.