David Barton: Still Flirting with Hate Groups

What’s his excuse this time? David Barton, head of the Texas-based group WallBuilders, once again is giving credibility to a far-right hate group. In 1991 Barton spoke at two events sponsored by groups with ties to white supremacists. He later pleaded ignorance, claiming that he had not known the groups were “part a Nazi movement.” But today Barton’s Internet radio program was scheduled to include the head of a group the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as a viciously anti-gay hate group.

The program’s guest, Brian Camenker, is head of the Massachusetts-based group MassResistance, which links homosexuality to pedophilia and the promotion of bestiality, according to SPLC.  MassResistance also claims that anti-bullying and suicide-prevention programs in schools are intended to lure children into homosexuality and even sadomasochism. Camenker has even falsely claimed that no gay people died in the Holocaust, SPLC reports.

So what did Barton want Camenker to talk about on his show? “Homosexual indoctrination in our public schools.” We wonder: if you have a history of associating with and providing a forum for lies promoted by hate groups, what does that make you?

3 thoughts on “David Barton: Still Flirting with Hate Groups

  1. Answer: It makes you one of them.

    This comes as no surprise to me at all; in fact, it’s expected. If you aren’t promoting evangelical fundamentalist Christianity and no-holds-barred capitalism, then you’re a homosexual, a commie, an atheist, and whatever other group David Barton and those of his ilk love to hate. And if you aren’t preaching hatred of homosexuals and encouraging kids to beat up kids they think might be gay, then you’re “indoctrinating homosexuality.”

    These are simple-minded people whose opinions or faith are more important than facts and who see the world as Black/White or Evil/Good. And that’s that.

  2. Nothing to do with belief. It’s all about money and power, however squalid that may be. Barton doesn’t make a bunch of money, I don’t think, but without his following of fellow bigots he would make a lot less. Face it, he’s got a Bible degree and no marketable skills.

    Does Barton get out and about? No, he sticks to the flock which he fleeces. He would get his ass kicked in academia. It’s much better to hob nob among church groups and stay within the confined of the echo chamber. God knows there’s enough prejudice and bigotry in this company to keep Barton and his ilk in tall clover all their lives.

    If pandering works, then pander till the cows come home! Hate groups? So long as they pay they’re the groups you hate to love, but you will.

    Cynical? Yes, but if you saw Osteen on “Larry King” then you know that bigotry is profitable, praise the Lord!