Health Care Advice from the Far Right

by Dan Quinn

Sometimes when you think you’ve seen it all…

For the far right, opposing proposed health insurance reform isn’t enough. Now they want people to protest by refusing health insurance coverage that reform efforts might make available to them. Check out this excerpt from an e-mail fundraising appeal from the executive director of the United States Justice Foundation:

“I’m asking you to flatly refuse to buy government insurance. And, if needed, the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) will represent you in court, to defend your decision. You have my word.”

Oh, goodie. But will the USFJ also pay for treatment if that uninsured patriot gets cancer or is crippled in an auto accident? And what about his kids? Will USJF pay for their hospitalization when they can’t get the asthma medicine or insulin they need because Mom and Dad are unemployed and have lost their health insurance?

As we’ve said before, honorable people can have honest disagreements about health insurance reform, and TFN has taken no official position on it. But the folks at USFJ are hardly the voice of reason. In fact, the group’s e-mail moves beyond opposition to health care reform to standard right-wing extremist nuttery:

“From the day that Mr. Obama tossed his unqualified hat into the Presidential ring, by refusing to prove that he is a natural-born citizen, he immediately proved his worthlessness!”

“While the time certainly hasn’t come YET for muskets, we the people absolutely must put our foot down and make a defiant stand, saying: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” Our forefathers did, risking all. Search your heart and take patriotic action! Your generous sacrifice will go far to stop our government takeover.”

How generous?

“With so much at stake, please consider DOUBLING your original thought of a gift. Perhaps you are in a position to give $10,000, $25,000, or more. If so, think of this: YOU may well be the patriot to literally change the course of United States history!”

Well, you can be sure of this: not many of the folks who can afford to cough up $10,000 or $25,000 to the USJF’s bank account are worried much about going without health insurance. But their money will sure help the USJF’s campaigns against same-sex marriage, reproductive rights and public education. And if 30 or 40 million folks have to go without health insurance, at least they will have been saved from President Obama’s “mad rush to severely weaken – if not destroy – our Constitutional republic.”



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