GOP Nominee for TX State Board of Education Seat Another Culture Warrior?

by Dan Quinn

Laurie Turner, Republican nominee for the District 2 seat on the State Board of Education, is sounding like yet another culture warrior who wants control over what millions of Texas kids learn in their public schools. In an opinion piece published Monday on the conservative website Texas Insider, Turner urges readers:

“(R)emember there can only be one winner: a conservative Board, or a liberal Board.  What group do you want advocating for education: one that will uphold the integrity and family values that we all share; putting education first or one that focuses on personal ideologies and social engineering as well as taking God out of education.”

Turner easily defeated her opponent, Veronica Anzaldua, in last month’s GOP primary in the SBOE district that stretches from north of Corpus Christi to the Rio Grande Valley. Anzaldua had received the highest rating in the contest on a voter guide distributed by religious-right groups. Now Turner is sounding like her defeated opponent.



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