#FightBackTX: Stand Up for Women's Access to Abortion Care


Last summer, thousands of Texans flooded the state Capitol to oppose politicians who talk about freedom but then force ideological agendas on women and undermine their access to reproductive health care. Right-wing politicians and other extremists viciously derided those thousands of Texans who joined the “citizens’ filibuster” at the Capitol. They called supporters of women’s access to abortion care a “crazy mob,”  “pro-death,”  “stink stalking feminists” and “feminazis.” One far-right leader even called them “nasty” and suggested that they be sterilized.

One year later, the Texas Freedom Network has joined a coalition of organizations — including the Texas Research Institute, ACLU of Texas, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Whole Woman’s Health — to fight back and recapture the energy of last summer’s rallies against the extreme anti-abortion legislation, House Bill 2, that far-right lawmakers pushed through.

Click here to read a unique oral history of the “citizens’ filibuster” at the Capitol last year. The Filibuster Oral History Project offers first-person accounts of the dramatic events at the Capitol, all pulled from interviews with elected officials, organizational leaders and activists who were there. Whole Woman’s Health is also posting personal stories of women who have had to deal with the effects of HB 2 since Gov. Perry signed it into law. You can read those posts here.

You can also share your own personal story from the Capitol last summer or with reproductive health care. And while you’re on the #FightBackTX website, make sure to sign the pledge to fight back against efforts to restrict women’s access to safe and legal abortion care.