Religious-righters have hurled insults at state Sen. Wendy Davis and other supporters of women’s access to reproductive health care in Texas for weeks now. While Sen. Davis filibustered legislation that would effectively bar women’s access to abortion across much of Texas, for example, Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum repeatedly referred to her as “whining Wendy.” Adams also called Davis’ supporters “stinky stalking feminists” and “feminazis.” We saw one religious-righter send out an email calling Sen. Davis “murderer in chief.” State Rep. Bill Zedler called opponents of anti-abortion legislation “terrorists.” Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst have referred to them as a “mob.”

Peggy Venable, head of the Texas chapter of the anti-government (oh, the irony) Americans for Prosperity, has joined the party with her own despicable insults. One of her tweets tonight (which Venable has now taken down):


Wow. Classy.

UPDATE: To her credit, Venable is now tweeting apologies. And we can understand how long days and strong emotions can lead to poor judgments. It happens to all of us from time to time. On the other hand, she’s describing her previous tweet as simply “inarticulate” and a “lame attempt at humor.” No, it was crass and deeply offensive.

13 thoughts on “Despicable

  1. I don’t call these people religious, they are just people that think they have the right to tell other people how to live their lives. I personally think religion will be the downfall of the human race. Religion, slavery, and oil has been the causes of all of our wars. Why anyone still believes in this scam is beyond me.

  2. I am not surprised by that tweet. Crossing the line between church and state with abortion and other so-called morality (i.e., Christian morality) issues has brought the self-righteous religious hard-liners out of the woodwork…and they do not evidence any connection to Christianity.

  3. As I walked up to last Monday’s rally with my kids (all of us in orange) an older woman in a royal blue shirt passed me and said, “aren’t you glad you didn’t abort those beautiful children?”.
    Made me so angry.

    1. Here’s a hypothetical for that “aren’t you glad you didn’t abort those beautiful children?” royal blue-wearing woman: I wonder what the mother of the Sandy Hook mass murderer would have said to that woman in blue had she asked her, moments before her son filled her with bullets, if she were glad she didn’t abort her son? “Well, lady, since you’ve asked — and since I’m about to get shot to death by the little bugger — yeah, it might have been a good idea to have aborted him when I could.” Every one ascribes such noble traits to fetuses. Let’s not forget that that woman who was executed by Texas few weeks ago (500th execution and more on the way) was at one point a fetus. So Texas is performing extremely late (oh, at least 120th trimester)abortions these days, with taxpayer money. I posed that question to Gov. Perry. He hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

  4. The immaturity, hypocrisy, and spiritual blindness of the self-righteous Right would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous…If Texans want to take back this state from the Texas Taliban, they need to organize and VOTE

  5. I don’t think she took down the tweet because it was offensive to her opponents… I think she took it down because she didn’t want to sound like she condones any form of birth control whatsoever or the hardliners on her own side would give her grief.

  6. Betty Bauer.. I agree with you on the reasons of wars… and your definition of some ” so-called religious rightwingers”…I FIRMLY believe in the TOTAL seperation in Church and State… and to Brian Joseph Gates… I think you truly NAILED it..

  7. Peggy is right — some folks should not procreate until they are ready to be parents. That’s why Texas needs a vibrant sex education program in public schools (and colleges!) and should be dispensing free condoms in pharmacies, beauty shops, barber shops, BARS, etc. I challenge the state of TX to fund a free condom distribution program statewide for 5 years…then let’s look at the unwanted/teen pregnancy rate. You gotta have a pregnancy in ordert to get an abortion. If you are against abortion, then you gotta be FOR widespread birth control.

  8. Abortion is murdering , killing your own. Precious little babies… Choose. Tubal ligation. Don’t become another murderer in the law most important that wish is the law of God almighty. Choose. Life. Not Dead. And. Go watch a video on Utube. On abortion. See how your babies are being killed. And if you have a heart somewhere deep inside you will repent and choose life. Woman use your wombs for the most safe place where a babie can grow peacefully and not being awaken by the sound of metal ripping them apart! Wake up people from your wicked ways! And God please give us a chance to repent and have a change of heart ..