by Dan Quinn

Religious-righters have hurled insults at state Sen. Wendy Davis and other supporters of women’s access to reproductive health care in Texas for weeks now. While Sen. Davis filibustered legislation that would effectively bar women’s access to abortion across much of Texas, for example, Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum repeatedly referred to her as “whining Wendy.” Adams also called Davis’ supporters “stinky stalking feminists” and “feminazis.” We saw one religious-righter send out an email calling Sen. Davis “murderer in chief.” State Rep. Bill Zedler called opponents of anti-abortion legislation “terrorists.” Gov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst have referred to them as a “mob.”

Peggy Venable, head of the Texas chapter of the anti-government (oh, the irony) Americans for Prosperity, has joined the party with her own despicable insults. One of her tweets tonight (which Venable has now taken down):


Wow. Classy.

UPDATE: To her credit, Venable is now tweeting apologies. And we can understand how long days and strong emotions can lead to poor judgments. It happens to all of us from time to time. On the other hand, she’s describing her previous tweet as simply “inarticulate” and a “lame attempt at humor.” No, it was crass and deeply offensive.