Faith-Based Presenter Tells High Schoolers: 'Dateable Girls Know How to Shut Up!'

Did students at Richardson High School near Dallas learn today how God expects them to be “dateable”? That appears to have been the purpose of a speaker who visits high schools in Texas and across the country. And a lot of Richardson students appear to have been understandably angered by the presentation.

Motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo gave a presentation at the high school earlier today. According to his website (“R. U. dateable”?) , “dateable girls” should “know how to shut up,” are “soft” and “gentle,” aren’t “Miss Independent,” and remember that “God made guys as leaders.”

And what about “dateable boys”? They remember that “men of God are wild, not domesticated” and that they’re “stronger, more dangerous, and more adventurous” than girls are. They “keep women covered up” because they know that “porn is bad.” “Dateable guys are real men who aren’t afraid to be guys.”

Apparently, young people who don’t fit these outdated and outrageous stereotypes and expectations aren’t ready to make a commitment with God to be “dateable”:

 “If you believe the dateable rules and are ready to commit to the list, then read on brave one! This commitment is between you and your God. He knows what is in your heart and He will help you stick to the commitment.”

At this point we don’t know how much of what Lookadoo has on his website made it into his presentation today. But Richardson High School students didn’t seem to like the presentation very much. Tweeting with the hashtag #lookadouche, a number of them offered some rather sharp “reviews”:





The Texas Freedom Network received emails and calls from concerned parents who say they weren’t notified in advance about the school presentation. After they found out and voiced their concerns, Richardson High School officials at first “postponed” today’s presentation. But the school then decided to go forward with the event. TFN sent a public information request to the school this morning asking for more information about the presentation and who paid for it.

A calendar of events on Lookadoo’s website indicates that he makes presentations at scores of public schools. The “dateable” rules on his website promote gender stereotypes and sentiments similar to those that a 2009 report from the TFN Education Fund found in many abstinence-only sex education programs taught in Texas public schools. You can read more about that report at

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  1. I wish he would show up at my daughters school. He would have to answer to her and she has been taught not to take that crap! I guess she isn’t dateble which is fine with us.

  2. If was a parent of a student in this district I would be talking to an ACLU lawyer about filing a lawsuit against the school, the district and the administrators for forcing my child(ren) to have to sit through this blatant attempt of religious indoctrination in a publicly funded institution.

    1. I’m an atheist, my wife is an atheist. We have 3 kids who have been raised godless. If my kids had to attend this mandatory – the school claims it was optional but read this comment on another blog post written by an actual student of the high school: – I’d contact a lawyer or go through the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It is absolutely reprehensible the school allowed this assembly to happen and shortening or canceling classes as well? Someone needs to step up and lawyer up.

  3. My high school senior daughter has three questions. First, she asks if the students got in trouble for tweeting about this. Second, she asks if this is a private school. Third, upon learning this was a public school, asks if the administrators “just had no idea what he was talking about.”

    Clearly more questions than the administrators asked…

    1. No one got in trouble
      RHS is a public school
      No one knew he was going to talk about that, of course they should have looked him up before hand

    2. I can answer the latter two:
      Richardson High School is a public school in the city of Richardson, Texas, in the Richardson Independent School District. Lookadoo spoke there four years ago, to ltitle fuss, however, his comments this time around resulted in a large amount of student outrage. Richardson ISD officials and RHS faculty say that they did discuss with Lookadoo what he would be speaking on for both occasions and did not expect the backlask to his misogynistic comments.

    3. No repercussions for the textures yet. My impression as a parent is that the PTA knew very well the values that he represented, but they squeaked it by the principal, who is new. My daughter tells me one of her teachers told them there would be an assembly but wouldn’t tell them what it was about because it was “secret” and a surprise. We only found out in advance because the kids figured it out.


    He may, however, speak for all guys with frosted tips. That does sound about right.

  5. Who decided on this speaker? Who paid for the speaker? If the decision was made by public school employees, they should be fired. If the payment was from public school funds, everyone involved in that payment should be fired. This is an appalling breach of ethics, and this man has absolutely no place speaking at a public school, of any level. One has to wonder what agenda was he intended to push? Do the parents of students at that school realize what kind of agenda is behind their teachers, and what kind of damage is being done to their students? This is inexcusable. A speech on relationships is in delicate territory to begin with. A speech on relationships by a person pushing a blatantly religious agenda makes a mockery of the challenges facing kids today. It makes that delicate territory into a bully pulpit, and for that, I hold the school administrators accountable. No matter who invited the speaker, it is the responsibility of the school principal and administrators to prevent this kind of event at a public school. The administration failed students here. Absolutely, completely, failed. Fire them.

    1. It was privately sponsored by the PTA. An overwhelming majority of the PTA is wealthy white Republican conservatives, and they carry the school with their fundraisers. They hired Lookadoo and kept who he was and what he was speaking about from the school faculty until it was the day of, and then pitched a fit when the faculty tried to shut it down. And these are the same parents who tell me it was my fault for getting raped. Welcome to Texas, y’all.

  6. This nonsense has been around forever. When I was in high school, in the early Cretaceous period, we were given two books: _Fascinating Womanhood_ and _The Fascinating Girl_, by Helen Andelin, full of stuff like: If you’re on a date, find something to be afraid of so your date can reassure you and protect you and be manly. They’re hilarious – and scary that people believe them.

  7. More evidence that parents and taxpayers have absolutely no influence over what is taught in our Texas Public Schools. If some piece of trash like this ever starts spouting this garbage off to my children, I hope they have the brains and the courage to walk out!

    1. Oh no, this guy was sponsored BY the parents. The faculty had no idea what he was going to be presenting until the day of, when they tried to cancel it.

  8. Another not-so-great outfit, Aim for Success, also spews scary non-substantiated stuff.
    This has GOT to stop!

  9. What were school officials thinking? –

    “Let’s do something to honor God.”

    Makes God look like a big sexist bully. Makes school officials look like clueless morons.

    Excellent lesson!

  10. I was at a campus once where all administration was conveniently out of the building during a mandatory assembly. It turned out to be the coach who donned his preacher vestments and proceeded to instruct all us there that “getting Jesus” was the way to success. Found out later that this was a regular thing and administration’s absence was no coincidence. I spoke up and was transferred out the next year.

    1. What the hell, Angela? You’ve got to be kidding! Please, please, please report this to someone such as FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation). They have lawyers that fight against this nonsense and will keep you anonymous. It sucks ass that you public education included such baloney. Dammit. 🙁

  11. I agree with John St. John. It is time to call the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The school system and its administrators deserva a First Amendment lawsuit for this outrage.

    1. The PTA paid for him to come with donations and fundraiser money. They practically run the school with the money they bring in.

  12. What happened to the good old tradition of throwing rotten vegetables at this type of speaker? And don’t tell me there is not enough of that available. Farmers have been complaining for some time that their harvests rot on the field because their workslaves get deported and citizens refuse to work for tuppence (and paying more would be be both ruinous and a violation of sacred principles).

    Clarification: Soft rotten veggies. No used tampons/diapers or rocks. Those are for second and third offenders

  13. I am a freshman at Richardson High school, I attended the first assembly. We were not told what the assembly would be about. We were taken to be basically insulted. However the amazing RHS student body stood up to him, major props to those who went up to him. Oh by the way according to Lookadoo woman are, “Woman are vindictive evil creatures.”

  14. Hi, RHS student here. The PTA – which, might I add, is dominated by white Republican Christian conservatives – paid for Lookadoo to come and speak. Faculty didn’t really know his agenda until the day of, and tried to cancel it. The PTA pitched a fit and had it enforced.

    I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach his bullshit made me. He had students set up his props onstage and overheard my plans to cut off all of my hair for cancer patients, and told me I would look “ugly” and “less like a woman”. He told a friend who was sexually assaulted that she was damaged goods. He mocked a black girl as she was trying to speak by performing a minstrel show-esque caricature of a stereotypical black woman onstage. A friend had me come in from where I hadn’t entered (he texted me saying that I had to see it to believe it and to stay for five minutes.) I could only watch for a minute before I left, but the entire presentation was caught on film.

    1. Sarah, Perhaps some students would be interested in contacting the ACLU and asking if they can help get representation to protect you from your constitutional right to not be prosthelytized by a misogynist in your public high school.
      I, for one, would be grateful, I have a young granddaughter in Texas that I want to protect from ever having a school assembly be gathered to tell her she is a second class citizen in the eyes of someone’s idea of a misogynist god.

      1. Everybodhi, a group of friends and I are already taking legal action and will be speaking with the principal, superintendent and the PTA next week. However, since my family lacks a good lawyer, one of my friends will be taking this case to court at a date that has yet to be determined. But I promise, action IS being taken.

    2. damaged goods? a ‘minstral-esque caricature”? is this a joke? if i was the parent of either of these yourg women, i would sue this so-called man. and frankly, i wouldn’t even call him a man. methinks he is (over) compensating for something … something he lacks.

      1. I’d have to agree with you there, jewely. And yes, both girls (including my friend, who is still texting me asking if what he said is true…) are taking action.

  15. The school officials are going to rightfully have the ACLU right up their butts for being behind the ramming of religion down the throats of a captive audience.

    Supreme Court has ruled, repeatedly, that it is exactly this kind of thing that violates the First Amendment.

  16. Unfortunate that your push for good science contributes to the public confusion between monkeys and apes. But good luck in your broader goals.

  17. I am appalled by this presenter, but I do want to take a minute and say how inspired I am by the students’ responses. It gives me such hope for the next generation. Keep calling out that BS, guys!

  18. I would suggest the School Districts within the State of Texas adopt this unbiased thought-provoking broadcast documentary produced by a Peabody award-winning journalist, as an alternative to wackadoodle Lookadoo’s recent presentation on how God expects girls to be datable.

    For sure a more stimulating, engaging and broader look at Texas’ emotional battles of what children should and shouldn’t be taught in public schools.

  19. Thank you for helping bring public attention to this. RHS parents could not be prouder of the way our kids stood up to this nonsense, and we’re in dialogue with the administration to be sure it doesn’t happen again.

  20. When I look back at my past life from age 63, I see; falconry, hang gliding, karate, motorcycling, social activism.

    I am pretty sure these stalwart Christian “men” would be threatened by me, but on the other hand girls, WOULD YOU WANT TO SUPPRESS YOUR TRUE NATURE JUST TO ATTRACT A JUDGMENTAL JERKWAD? Of course not! Nor should you think you have to. I’m really tired of these clowns telling me what I can do because I leave the seat down. THEY ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! And you should not let them be the boss of you either.


      no way. a man’s gotta have a pretty weak ego it that’s what he expects.

  21. So I am now in a fairly serious relationship, and I love her. I am a man, I worked my way through college with a hammer and nails; I grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin; I have an IQ of 136, and a GRE score in the 1300s; I am 1-0 in MMA, and 18-0 in boxing; I played football, and wrestled in HS; My mom says I am good looking. As such, I have dated more women than I can count, in three states and two countries, and I can tell you it is nearly impossible to find a datable girl. I am posting anonymously, because I am not a braggart,but certain things need to be addressed.
    Every single girl I have ever dated has complained about me being the first “man” they have ever dated, and all they could find were “boys.” Let me be very clear, we live in a society that is destroying “men.” When every person is crying about some football player being mean to another football player, and kids aren’t allowed to play dodge-ball in school anymore; of course finding a “man” will be impossible. Men thrive on competition. We must be better than our opponents, and we need something to overcome. Granted not all males will agree with me (stemming from the sissyfication of society), but all “men” will. What knowing when to shut up means is this: do not make yourself the person or thing we must defeat.
    My girlfriend is a very intelligent human being, (she was near the top of her class, and scored a 31 on her ACTs) but she understands that just because she is a vegetarian doesn’t mean I need to be. She has a problem with animal cruelty, and I grew up on a beef farm. We do not see eye to eye on this issue, so she shuts up. I am going to eat bacon, beef, chicken, and any number of other things that used to breathe. Her pushing vegetarianism would make a minor little thing like diet into a major issue. This goes both ways, I am not going to force her to eat meat, I don’t really care how she wants nourishment. Women want a man smart enough to form opinions. Men want women strong enough to stand up for us even when those opinions are wrong. If little Meg wants to be a cat lady, or date a sissy, then keep pressing stupid issues. People are so stuck on eliminating the gender gap that we try to eliminate gender. Men and women are different (though they should make the same for equal work) stop trying to make us the same. Men want to beat the pants off their best friends in dodge-ball, Women want to talk to their best friends.

    1. Gender-essentialist nonsense from someone with no familiarity with science and thinks his relationship can be generalized to everyone else’s (including, I guess, those of people who aren’t heterosexual).

    2. In regards to the science portion of your comment, just look up the word testosterone. In regard to the generalization aspect: yes, I generalized, that was actually the preface of my whole argument. Congratulations, you can read! Generalization saves a lot of time. Furthermore, the speaker in question didn’t breach the topic of homosexual, or transgendered persons.

      1. Hey, so, we can read and your response is full of grammatical errors. Furthermore, girls have testosterone as well, so just having that chemical doesn’t make someone male or female (wow, science!). Also, I have to point out that it seems very short-sighted to generalize and while, yes, the other respondent read what you wrote, you lacked the ability to figure out that going from a small instance of an idea does not a paradigm make. I would almost congratulate you for almost having the right idea, but your argument was too jacked up to even do that. If my dog is red then all dogs are red, right? On behalf of intelligent females, however, I must point that that gender is actually a societal construct. What makes you a man and what makes me a woman isn’t only because we have inherent differences that influence our interactions, but because society *also* influences what a “man” should do and what a “woman” should do. You suggesting that society has been “sissyfied” (which ruins your whole point because “sissy” and its meaning comes from–whoa, guess where?–society) sort of tears apart your point. And I like how you mention that you were the first “man” a few girls on the planet have dated. Congratulations are obviously in order, but before we get to that: have you considered that the relationships you have with others are not cause-and-effect? Forgive me for using science and logic here, but sometimes things exist because they have a third factor influencing the two of them (one that is sometimes known and sometimes unknown). I mean to say that those girls may say that you are the first “man” that they have dated not because you are actually a man, but because they dated some jerks that have led them to assume that you are a “man” versus being a “boy.” Or they told you what you wanted to hear. That doesn’t mean that you are, in fact, the manliest man or even a portion of the definition of man. Except if we use your definition, which is that you have testosterone: then, yeah, you’re a man and so am I–and oh, wow, everyone is. So, what I’m getting at here is that neither sex nor gender can be defined so simply and enforced so randomly, especially by someone who wants to do both of those things arbitrarily with very little regard to others.

      2. You mistake my point. The point is that society is attempting to blur lines that science creates. Bereft of society, the line between man and woman is much more defined. Within the animal kingdom gender roles are absolutely defined. Male mammals (in most cases) play a different role than their female counterparts. Your sarcastic castigation is not necessary, or helpful in intelligent conversation. This, “furthermore, girls have testosterone as well, so just having that chemical doesn’t make someone male or female (wow, science!)” is obvious. You would know that, if you looked up the word testosterone, but for the lack of effort i will assist; men have (on average) more testosterone than women (on average). Testosterone is a hormone that (for sake of time I will be brief) heavily influences the levels of aggression, competitiveness, and muscle mass in the human body. At no point did I claim to be the manliest man in the world or whatever hyperbole you used. I admit using myself as one example is a bit of a false cause argument, but it was merely to explain a point. I understand that there are slight differences in each individual case. The entire point of the above diatribe was to express this: If you want a man, sometimes it is healthy to keep your opinion to yourself, and not push meaningless issues. As a side point, let us be men. Let us eat bacon, and work on the motorcycle sometimes. If you find the right one, we may be ok with going antiquing with you one weekend, but not all of them. There are times when we just want silence; it isn’t anything you have done, just be quiet. A psychiatrist in RI (Scott Haltzman) did a study that found the average man uses 2000 words a day, and the average woman uses about 7000. Sometimes it is ok to just sit in silence. It is not a personal attack to say shut up sometimes. I am not a misogynist.

        1. I hate to inform you, but you’re pushing a meaningless issue here. It’s not even worth writing anything of worth to you. It seems like you have some deeply embedded issues with women to work through because dropping issues isn’t really a sex-related thing. It’s a human thing and anyone who picks their battles incredibly horribly should probably learn from their mistakes. Plus, of those apparent 7,000 words that women speak, not all of them are directed at men. If I were dating you, I’d slap you for insisting for me to shut up in order for you to work on your motorcycle or whatever else. My time and words are just as valuable as yours, regardless of my decreased amount of testosterone. I can understand if you use words other than “shut up and go away” to grasp that you might want to be by yourself. Women are intelligent like that, even if you don’t give them credit for it. Also, you probably already know, since you’re two standard deviations above the mean in IQ, but since testosterone actually interrupts the development of the brain in the womb, being expressive might actually be the more *advanced* sex-related difference. So, I circle back around for your benefit: being male by having certain characteristics (like testosterone) does not necessarily make that sex better or give it the right to tell the other to shut up. Plus, if you really don’t want to be around a woman speaking, perhaps you should just not date a woman at all. Treat her right or just go work on your motorcycle alone.

          1. Who said anything about better or worse. Just different. I guess i am having a hard time determining your point. I in no way said men were better than women. I said that in order for relationships to work, it is sometimes necessary to leave well enough alone. Women tend to be more social. On average they are interested in going out for cocktails with girlfriends and chatting about this or that. Guys (typically) will go watch a football game with their buddies. There is not a lot of conversation happening at football games. There is just as much social interaction, just in a different way. Guys high five, girls chat. Neither is better or worse, just different. Most women are awesome. In fact, I would say there are more awesome women than men. All I am saying is a good man will listen most of the time, but sometimes we want to sit in silence and be in our own head. Think of it this way: when is the last time you and 3 of your girlfriends just sat there and didn’t say a thing to each other? I assume you would find it boring. Guys are happy just to be around other people no talking necessary.
            You wouldn’t slap me, because I wouldn’t tell you to shut up. I am much more socially adept than that. If you were talking my ear off, and I wanted silence, I would accept it, and listen. However, if that is what you did every night, the relationship wouldn’t last very long.
            On a side note; domestic violence is not funny, and talking about slapping is not acceptable.

          2. Actually, fella, you’re not a man, otherwise you wouldn’t find a need to say it. My best football watching friend is my girlfriend, and we ride motorcycles together. She grew up the oldest with four brothers, I grew up the oldest with two sisters. Most women I dated said most men they dated were jerks, or boys trying to prove their manhood. You hang around with a bunch of guys who think their muscles are what make them attractive to women…wrong, it’s what makes them attractive to girls. Men come in all sizes, shapes and abilities, boys are into proving their immature belief about what a man is. Some of my brothers played football and some of them love cooking, but none of them remain boys around us for long, no matter how big and muscular they are or we won’t ride with ’em. I’m talking guys from 25 to 75 who “have no fear,” but not in the way you would describe it. The women we ride with like all kinds of men, cause that’s what we are. I’m college educated and a professional all my working life! Some of the brothers are mechanics and craftsmen and dentists and you would not want to mess with us because we don’t fight fair…most of us have been around too long. Many of us served our country, and we’ve got liberals and conservatives. We just all speak a special language that involves the bike we ride and not many understand it. That’s what brought us together and made us friends for life. None of us ever question anyone’s manhood. Yeah, there’s a little of the boy in us and a little of the girl in the women. It’s fun, but it isn’t what runs our lives. It is what runs yours. You need to hang out with some older guys and grow up and either way you need a few more years behind you before you try defining manhood. Never try defining womanhood. They’ll fool you every time, since they’re all just as different as we are. It bores me stiff to hang around with a bunch of man boys watching a football game I’m not interested in. They can’t talk about much else. In your case, most women are going to use you for a little while and move on, because you’re real pretty but you’re a jerk.

    3. “Men want women strong enough to stand up for us, even when our opinions are wrong”.
      That’s just weak, cowboy.
      Not only is it weak on the part of the woman, it is a weak man that requires such.

      1. Do you want a guy who disputes every point? Not sure where you are getting your evidence, and you may think I am weak. It is advise; take it, or leave it. As a woman, I am sure you would know more about the topic of what men want. Please enlighten me in the ways of my own kind.

        1. We are all human kind.
          Who said anything about disputing every point? If you need someone to stand up for you, even when you’re wrong, you are weak.
          If your ego needs that kind of stroking, your ego is weak.
          Do you really think demanding to be agreed with, coddled really, when you are wrong, is a sign of strength? So you think it is a sign of a healthy ego, of self esteem, to not be capable of admitting you are wrong?
          I’m curious. Is it only women that you feel should support you, even when you are wrong? Is it acceptable for another man to call you out when you are wrong, is everyone in your world expected to support you when you are wrong? Or, just the women?
          Is it just your woman, or all women, that are expected to indulge you and agree with everything you say, even when you are wrong?
          All men don’t want the same thing you want, that much I know.
          You do not speak for the men I know. The men I know are interested in my opinion, my experience and my expertise.
          Like me, they would be bored trying to relate to someone with no voice of their own, that agrees with everything in order to stroke a weak ego.
          Oppressing another person is no sign of strength.
          Your advice is bad advice. I have no interest in learning how to attract such a bully.
          How frustrating it must be for your girlfriend, to have to constantly stroke your ego, even when you are wrong.
          You have reduced your partner, and yourself, to nothing more than a stereotype.
          Good luck with that.

          1. I am a bully? I haven’t insulted one person. Look at this thread. I have expressed an opinion, and all I have received is backlash, incomprehensible responses, and cat lady’s berating me. Having an opinion is not the same as being argumentative. You are argumentative, Oxytocin has an opinion. You are not datable, she probably is. That is all.

        2. Dude, being a jerk isn’t becoming for any gender. You’re taking away any credibility you may think you have.

  22. Why are fundamentalist proselytizers like Lookadoo allowed into public schools? They belong in pulpits and on street corners, not in our religiously neutral public schools. — Edd Doerr (

  23. Can you say potential date rape?
    “dateable girls” should “know how to shut up,” are “soft” and “gentle,” aren’t “Miss Independent,” and remember that “God made guys as leaders.”
    “men of God are wild, not domesticated” and that they’re “stronger, more dangerous, and more adventurous” than girls are. They “keep women covered up” because they know that “porn is bad.” “Dateable guys are real men who aren’t afraid to be guys.”

  24. Well what do you expect from the Texas school system? Damn near The whole state’s mental process is stuck in the dark ages.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Texas like Tennessee and teaching Creationism in school? I wouldn’t mind if it was taught with the other mythology but they teach it as Science!! This has to be stopped!

    1. Johnnie,
      Some folks do want to teach creationist junk science in Texas public schools, but so far we’ve beaten back every attempt at the state level to put it in our curriculum standards and textbooks. And we’ll keep on fighting!


  25. I am almost speechless-almost. Someone should find out who inited this poor soul to speak. He is so 18th century. He is laughable. The parents,especially those who have daughters, should ask for equal time to speak at the school and encourage all girls to do their best. If a girl has to be less than herself to attract a date, I doubt she would enjoy being there.

  26. And what about “dateable guys”? It turns out, get this, that “men of God are wild, not domesticated” and that they’re “stronger, more dangerous, and more adventurous” than girls are. They “keep women covered up” because they know that “porn is bad.” “Dateable guys are real men who aren’t afraid to be guys.” Can you say Rape Culture?

    Do not tell me that the teens who rape their drunk classmates are not Christian or that they have not absorbed this stereotypical, woman-hating, boys-will-be-boys mentality; this attitude that says that girls are to be used for entertainment. Girls are equated to porn.

    The issue is not that girls like cooking and boys like mud. No problem there. The issue is that girls are forbidden to like playing in the mud and boys are forbidden to like to cook, and each are cruelly ridiculed and damned for liking utterly innocuous activities that someone has arbitrarily defined as gendered.

    It is this mentality that expresses itself in such a corrupted sense of superiority and entitlement that teens and men are surprised they can’t get away with rape, and in fact claim they don’t even recognize it as rape. And the rest of us blame the girl for getting drunk, or dressing provocatively, or “asking for it.” Google Steubenville+rape. Google Maryville+rape. Google Rehtaeh+rape. NOW google “rape myths and facts”.

  27. The fact that a known evangelical Christian would be deliberately invited to speak in a public school is alarming.
    Ideally, rational parents would rally against the lopsided exposure offered this speaker.

  28. What the hell – Is this the Evangelical equivalent of the Taliban????

    “And what about “dateable boys”? They remember that “men of God are wild, not domesticated” and that they’re “stronger, more dangerous, and more adventurous” than girls are. They “keep women covered up” because they know that “porn is bad.” “Dateable guys are real men who aren’t afraid to be guys.”

  29. This is some sick ****. Glad some of these females are able to recognize manipulation and pigeon holing when they see it, and fight back via social media. Hats off to ya, ladies.

  30. This guy must have some Bill Gothard seminars in his background; sounds like his thinking is straight out of their playbook.