Do Republicans Hate Christianity?

That seems to be a fair question. After all, a number of Republicans continue to praise the Texas State Board of Education‘s passage last month of a resolution criticizing social textbooks for — allegedly — being anti-Christian and pro-Islamic. In fact, here is Texas state Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Van, echoing the claims made by Republican state board members who passed the resolution:

“I urge all Texans to support the Texas State Board of Education members who want to stop the pro-Islam/anti-Christian, anti-Judeo bias in our students textbooks. School children should be spared the move to ‘political correctness’ and instead be taught a true and correct version of history.”

But here’s the thing: Republicans have held a majority on the State Board of Education since after the 1994 elections. There have been a lot of textbooks adoptions since then. In fact, the state board adopted an entire slate of new social studies textbooks in 2002.

So if Republican State Board of Education members and their supporters think social studies textbooks are anti-Christian, why in the world have they been approving those books for use in Texas public schools?

Seems to us that there are two possible explanations. One might be that Republicans on the state board are anti-Christian themselves and thought the textbooks were just fine when they adopted them. On the other hand, maybe they’re as phony as a $3 bill and think Texas voters are too stupid to realize they’re being manipulated by politicians promoting fear and prejudice in an election year.

5 thoughts on “Do Republicans Hate Christianity?

  1. the Texas voters, like much of the electorate, is to stupid to see through the republicans propaganda. How they can support the Republicans after their programs led us to the situation we are in is beyond me.

  2. I agree with yrral nahguav above and with TFN’s suggestion “maybe they’re as phony as a $3 bill and think Texas voters are too stupid to realize they’re being manipulated by politicians promoting fear and prejudice in an election year.”

    After all, everyone seems to be too stupid to realize our election is being “boughten and paid for” by foreign and domestic Corporateworld. They are outspending unions in funding political ads 20:1, ensuring we get the best government money can buy. Thank you, Supreme Court: you’ve served your masters very well.

  3. Do Republicans Hate Christianity? I don’t think so. I think this is just a case of the Religious Right tripping themselves on their own hypocrisy.

  4. RepubliCANTS are a weird breed. They look at themselves first, last, and always. Greed is their password, green is their color as long as it is printed on money. They are FOR anything that will make them richer and hate those who have not been as fortunate as they have been.

    Try to ask a Republicant whether they had already made their choice for any given office and they will not tell you. I’m voting for Bill White, as the old ad said years ago, “We didn’t vote for Perry and we don’t have to keep him.” We now have a Chief Justice who is so conservative that I feel that he is a danger to our freedoms.

    Rick Perry’s latest smoking gun is that he stole money from the Teacher’s Retirement Fund. Perry was so cock sure that he wasn’t going to have any real competition that he underestimated how much money he was going to need, so he raped the Teacher’s Retirement fund. That alone should be a criminal act. But like political criminals before him, he will never spend a day behind bars unless they serve whatever it is that he drinks.

    The instant I saw Palin, I got nauseous. Her voice is like a fingernail going down a chalk board. She could care less if she wins anything; she’s got over $50 million safely in the bank. She thinks she’s going to run for President in ’12. How can Americans do this to each other?