Death to the Oligarhy! Or Whatever.

We noted in April that Texas Gov. Rick Perry was “proud” to be a guest on Glenn Beck’s FOX News show. Beck, as we noted then, believes liberals are trying “to remove God from America,” is an admirer of Focus on the Family’s James Dobson, and seems to buy into the “End Times” theology of the fringes of the fundamentalist right.

Beck is also a world-class conspiracy freak — and in serious need of a spell checker before he launches into one of his unhinged rants.


Even folks at The American Conservative are wondering:

This is too good for satire. Is Glenn Bek a lunati? Or a omic genius?

Still proud, Governor?

9 thoughts on “Death to the Oligarhy! Or Whatever.

  1. In honor of the late Edward M. Kennedy, I would kindly invite all of you to please read the full text of a speech on religious freedom and separation of church and state that he gave in 1983 at what is now Liberty University. Many people are not aware that this speech was ever given and are also not aware that Senator Kennedy ever set foot on the campus of Liberty University. Jerry Falwell invited him to come and make an address to the assembly there. It has been hailed as one of the greatest speeches ever given on the subject of religious freedom. Here is the URL:

    Love and peace to all.

  2. Bek’s mastery of the anaronym is only surpassed by his anahronistic explanation of the use of them as politial systems.

  3. Glenn Beck is obviously having a huge laugh at the expense of all the yahoos who take him seriously. C’mon, a multi-millionaire, but he “just can’t take it anymore!”?

    Unfortunately for the rest of us, it doesn’t take too many brain cells to point a gun and pull the trigger.

  4. I expect that Beck, being a Latter-Day Saint, is buying in to the Mormon version of the “End Times” rather than the fundie version. The LDS and fundies don’t exactly see eye to eye.

  5. I love Glenn Beck. I love his honest message. Barton is a Correctionist historian to all of the anti-God revisionists who have devestated true American history in the 20th Century in American Universities. The truth is in the original writings of the Founders and Barton has those in spades. If you don’t agree, you need to produce their quotes to back up your views.