Conservative Website Dings Texas Ed Board Candidate on ‘Pilgrims Were Commies’ Nonsense

The conservative website Texas Insider calls Gail Spurlock’s bizarre history lesson about the Pilgrims its “quote of the week” “from Republicans behaving badly.” Spurlock is running in the GOP primary for the Dallas-area District 12 seat on the State Board of Education. From Texas Insider:

“If one states the Pilgrims were radicals seeking a communist-socialist utopia, there is obviously something to debate … much less take note of before entering the Voting Booth. Especially making the link more than two centuries before Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto.”

TFN Insider was the first to report about Spurlock’s comments here and here.

One thought on “Conservative Website Dings Texas Ed Board Candidate on ‘Pilgrims Were Commies’ Nonsense

  1. Another bizarre inversion by a bizarre, possibly mentally ill person. The pilgrims had plenty of high protein food; however, the winters were very cold, much colder than they could comprehend and much colder than what they were accoustomed to, and they did not have enough high calorie food, carbohydrates, to sustain them in the cold with the amount of physical labor they had to do. Let the Repubitards say their ignorant stuff, it just emphasizes their stupidity.

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