Anti-abortion Texas Lawmaker Apparently Thought Rape Was a Joking Matter

Scott Braddock of the Austin-based online political website Quorum Report has come across a stunningly callous and offensive comment state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Fort Worth, made some years back in an online forum:


“Rape is non existent in marriage, take what you want my friend!”

Stickland, a hero of tea partiers and religious-righters, apparently made the shocking comment seven years ago in an online forum discussion about a guy whose wife wasn’t interested in performing a particular sexual act. His comment included a smiley face, suggesting he made it as a joke. Joke or not, the remark would appear to reinforce Stickland’s reputation as a politician with a callous disregard for women.

During the 2015 legislative session, he and other anti-abortion lawmakers posted “Former Fetus” signs on their office nameplates. Stickland also tried to pass a measure that would have banned abortion even in cases of severe fetal abnormalities, thus requiring a pregnant woman to carry a nonviable fetus to term. Earlier in the session he filed a bill that would have had Texas taxpayers reimburse employers fined for refusing to provide coverage for birth control in their employee health insurance plans.

7 thoughts on “Anti-abortion Texas Lawmaker Apparently Thought Rape Was a Joking Matter

  1. He is a little flippant but there was a court case that a women claimed her husband raped her and I believe the court said rape was not possible between husband and wife.

    Still a real man would be more understanding with his wife.

  2. Strickland the “former fetus” needs to realize that the people executed by the State of Texas were “former fetuses” as well. But their lives are dispensable despite their former fetushood. Not all fetuses are created equal, I guess. The ones still in the womb have a “right to life” yet the former fetuses on death row and be killed without Strickland wincing.
    A fetus is INSIDE a woman’s body; no one else can tell her what to do with that fetus. It is hers to decide. Keep abortion safe, legal and accessible. And if you really want to eliminate abortion, then educate teenagers on sexuality and provide free birth control products. If there were bowls of free condoms in bars, barber shops, beauty shops, liquor stores, EVERYWHERE, then the unwanted pregnancy rate would decline and the number of abortions would decline as well. But no, but no….right-wing religous people don’t like the idea of other people having lusty fun sex and “getting away with it” (not getting pregnant — pay the piper).

    1. Capital punishment and abortion are two different entities. Capital punishment is needed for first degree murder.

      Abortion is shedding of blood blood in a much more heinous manner. Abortion is the consequence of a much more serious problem with the human heart

      1. Amazed, how about the innocent man who was executed by TX? That’s a pretty “serious problem,” wouldn’t ya say?
        And capital punishment is “needed for first degree murder.” Really? Is that what your buddy Jesus would do? Jesus would order that someone be stoned to death? Really?

  3. I doubt you ever read a Bible but capital punishment is in the scripture. Also, Jesus would if the crime merited it. The women taken in Adultery was a unique case in the fact that a conspiracy existed and Jesus stopped a miscarriage of justice.

    In Numbers 25 Gods wrath was satisfied over executions and Jesus is your preeminent HELL FIRE and Damnation preacher. 11 out of twelve times in the New Testament it was mentioned by Him.

    As for a wrongful execution it is very very tragic but can happen when evidence and human equation gets involved.