What They Really Think

From a religious-right group’s email to activists today:

“Rick Santorum is from God and will win with Christians and Catholics uniting for Santorum.”

“Christians and Catholics”? As if Catholics aren’t Christians?

Of course, it’s bad enough that religious-righters try to deify their favored political candidates (like Santorum). But the suggestion that Catholics are something other than Christians should tell you what they really think about even their supposed allies.

8 thoughts on “What They Really Think

  1. …..and that Mr Santorum is polling poorly among Catholics as compared to fundgelicals…..

  2. They don’t think Santorum is a Christian (by their definition, which is Christian = Fundamentalist Evangelical) any more than Reagan was (by their definition), but they’re willing to give all that a pass as long as a politician will advance their theocratic agenda.

  3. “Em Catholics is not chreeschuns causen they ain’t been bornded agin. Whut does that “bornded agin mean? Hit means whutever mah fakshun says hit means. Em Catholics iz not walked the isle and preyed the magic prayers words. Emuns is the code words that lets Jesus knock on yer hart and come on in to set a spell.”

    And you thought Robert Burns was hard.

  4. Charlene, if I had my druthers, you’d get a Pulitzer Prize for those words of wisdom.

    Not being a Christian of any stripe, I can sit back and keep my blood pressure at 120/60 when those funny-mentalists try to put Catholics out of the wide, wide world of Christianity.

    Saint Orium is a Catholic and that’s okay by me; I wouldn’t care if he was a Muslim. He is not anyone that I would take seriously as a presidential contender, nor could I accept GingRICH as one. Paul is not even worth mentioning and Romney is such a newly caught fish that he is definitely not worthy of being the POTUS.

    Now what I mean is that he flips and flops like a fish that just came out of the water and is trying to breath. I think the best use of the guy is to stick a pole up a part of his body that would let him swing with the wind, because that is exactly what he does.

    Recently, he teamed up with a hate group that hates the LGBT group and gave them a $10,000 contribution by going around everyone’s back and coming up with a nonsense group…but it is Romney. Do we REALLY need a president who is going to try to split people over something that is none of his business?

    I made my decision over who is going to be MY president a long time ago: OMG means Obama’s My Guy. He has done an extraordinary job and if the Republicants hadn’t blocked him at just about every turn, I think this country would be someplace really greater that it is now.

    Oh nuts…I just admitted that I’m a flaming liberal progressive as all intelligent people are.

    Beverly Kurtin