The Week in Quotes (July 22 – 28)

Here are some of the week’s most notable quotes.

Sheila Butler, a Sunday school teacher in Luverne, Ala., explaining that the only way to understand evangelical Trump voters was to realize that “we’re moving toward the annihilation of Christians.”

“We may have to fight and die for our faith. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, we will.”


Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor, state Sen. Scott Wagner, responding to a young woman – and earning applause from his crowd of supporters – for asking if his stance that “body heat” causes climate change was influenced by thousands of dollars in contributions from the fossil fuel industry.

“Rose, you know I appreciate you being here. You’re 18 years old, you’re a little young and naive.”


Democratic Georgia lieutenant governor nominee Sarah Riggs Amico, making the case for Christians to vote for Democrats in an interview that aired last week.

“I think we need to be careful. The audio clearly does not match the video on values in the GOP today. This is not Ronald Reagan’s party who’s talking about a shining city on a hill, who’s showing mercy for immigrants who come here seeking for a better life for their family. This is something that’s markedly departed from that, and I would say the country will recover. I worry the church will not recover quite as quickly. We’ll pay a price for this period in our history.”


Jennifer Mercieca, associate professor of communication at Texas A&M University, on the battle over the meaning of the word “diversity.”

“When one side understands ‘diversity’ as America’s strength and another side understands ‘diversity’ as a conspiracy to exterminate white people, there is little common ground to discuss policies such as building a border wall, affirmative action, or whether to abolish ICE.”


Author and TFN board member Cary Clack, calling on Gov. Abbott to remove the Children of the Confederacy Creed plaque at the Capitol.

“The lie told in its place on a plaque outlasting 10 Texas governors should not survive the tenure of an 11th. Governor Abbott, take down that plaque.”