VIDEO: Rev. Leslie Jackson at Faith Advocacy Day

This video is of Rev. Leslie Jackson of United Church of Christ in Houston. Rev. Jackson was one of the featured speakers at Faith Advocacy Day, a gathering at the Texas Capitol of people of faith and faith leaders who support full equality for LGBT Texans. A transcript of his remarks can be found below.

We are here today to assert that our faith does not undermine LGBT Equality in the state of Texas, it supports it. LGBT Equality is not a distant cousin to faith, it is its progeny. Our advocacy and relentless pursuit of equality in this state, is a call that joins in the tradition of civil rights leaders and all those who have sought to create a better society for all citizens. We join our voices with all those throughout history who have cried: “We demand equality!”

Equality is righteous, it is justice, and it is God in action. We oppose the use of power to discriminate against our neighbors, friends, and family. We will not stand for it, we won’t sit for it, we won’t roll over and play dead, nor will we be complicit in such sinfulness. Instead, we will work to extinguish the sinful flame of discrimination. Together…

We demand equality!

Today, we stand, on the precipice of a new and holy moment in this nation – a moment where the fundamental civil right to marry whom you love will be extended to all citizens. Many of us here today have taught, preached and affirmed the righteousness of marriage equality for many years. And we are prepared to continue this refrain until love wins the day and marriage equality is the law of the land in this state and every state. Together…

We demand equality!

But it’s not just marriage that brings us to the Capitol steps. We also say no one should be turned away from a job or denied a place to live just because of who they are. Surely all of our diverse faith traditions and differing beliefs can come together around this simple value: having a roof over your head and keeping a job should not be based on what you look like or who you love. Together…

We demand equality!

As religious leaders, we strongly affirm that religious freedom for all is a fundamental American value, a heritage that has been a great gift to both the church and state in this country. But let us be clear: treating our LGBT brothers and sisters differently based on who they are is not religious freedom – it is discrimination. Together…

We demand equality!

This day, we gather, as faith leaders, and we raise our voices so those entrusted with the power to make laws will know that Methodists, Jews, Baptists, Sikhs, Presbyterians, Buddhists, Lutherans, Unitarians, Episcopalians and leaders of religious communities across Texas demand that each and every person in this state be treated fairly, equally and with respect. Together…

We demand equality!

And though we speak out of our personal religious convictions, we welcome all people of goodwill to join us in this commitment to create the beloved community in which everyone flourishes. We invite you to join us in this call to acknowledge the worth and dignity of all families under the law and to stand against discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
If this is your vision of the beloved community, join with us now as we all say:

We demand equality!


We demand equality!

Now, let it resound loud as the rolling thunder, again…

We demand equality!

And so it is! Amen!

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Rev. Leslie Jackson at Faith Advocacy Day

  1. I am 100% behind this, but know that the Texas Taliban will never allow this. I am deeply saddened.

  2. It would be fascinating to see how many people are for freedom and how many are not. I choose to believe that the majority would be for freedom.

    The vocal bigot need to be politely told to just shut up and join the 21st Century. Their pathetic claim that marriage has always been one man and one woman gouged out their eyes and punctured their ears so they never read or heard about the history of marriage.

    The myths in the beginning of Genesis are just that: Myths! Nobody was around when the book claims that Adam & Eve were born. It is a RELIGIOUS thing which is not permitted in the United States! Religion can never be an influence matter whether it be who can marry whom or prohibits an atheist for running for any office in the United States, or, well, ANYTHING. Religion is religion and that is where it needs to be and stay. It is in the Constitution of the United States.

    So any legislation pro or con regarding LGBT marriages is UNLAWFUL! There can be NO religious tests one way or the other. It’s not just a good idea, it’s the LAW!

    I know of a woman who was reassigned from male to female 30 years ago, yet she cannot get a revised birth certificate. I’d have hated to know her as anything other than a woman because no man could be that feminine.

    I happen to have a religion, it is not Christianity, so I abhor the so-called “Restoration of Religious Liberty” which, if correctly stated would be the “Continuation of the perceived right to be bigots.”

    What BUSINESS is it of ours who or what someone is unless it directly affects us but NOT under the guise of it being RELIGIOUS!

  3. Oh, the reason I made it clear that I am not a Christian is because as I perceive it, only funny-mental Christians are opposed to the LGBT community. Mainstream Christians seem to be in line with not being afraid of people who are not like them.