URGENT: Anti-LGBT sneak attack expected today in the Texas House

Take ActionWe’re hearing that state Rep. Scott Sanford, R-McKinney, is expected to offer a dangerous religious-refusal amendment during the debate on SB 206 in the House later today.

The amendment (which is almost identical to HB 3864) would permit discrimination against LGBT children and families in adoption, foster care and child welfare placements. Also, the broad language of this bill would allow private agencies to discriminate against single or divorced people, interfaith couples, as well as people with different faiths than the agency. All of these could potentially be turned away from providing homes to children.

Call your state representative and tell them to vote against the Sanford amendment permitting discrimination in Texas’ child welfare system.

4 thoughts on “URGENT: Anti-LGBT sneak attack expected today in the Texas House

  1. This State has gotten worse with the newest people elected to office – I am so ashamed…we don’t care for the poor, the sick or the elderly, and now LGBT…we have decimated women’s rights…the fundamentalist religious groups are taking over and making a mockery of this state…there are no intelligent people running this place…glad I am retiring and leaving here in 3 years…could not take much more of the buffoons governing

  2. God damn them! The First Amendment to our Constitution is that Congress (lawmakers) shall make no laws respecting RELIGION!

    Fighting abortion and now ALEC’s “deeply felt religious beliefs” are nothing but making laws respecting religion.

    I wish we had a SCOTUS what would get of its rear end and do what they are supposed to do instead of bastardizing our Constitution and coming up with crap like Citizens United.

    Texas might as well put up a sign at its borders that state CHRISTIANS ONLY, OTHERS, PLEASE LEAVE NOW.

  3. Different faiths than the agency? Agencies don’t have faiths—do they? When did Child Welfare in Texas become a fundie Christian agency, and where do we send the cop to arrest the head of the agency for violating the Texas constitution?