TX SBOE Candidate Posts Anti-gay Views on FB

At least one candidate for the Texas State Board of Education seems to think that his anti-gay views are relevant to his election campaign and managing public schools. A TFN Insider reader alerted us to the following Facebook post by David Williams, a candidate for the District 3 seat on state board. His post is on the Family Research Council’s Facebook page:

“Thank you for your support for the traditional family. In 2006 through prayer and community action a gay student club was voted down by the student government at my son’s school. The Lord has given me a new mission, to run for the Texas State Board of Education. Please pray for me and thank you for being a voice up there for those of us out here.”

A reader noted his surprise by how delighted Williams is that gay students at his son’s school wouldn’t be able to form a club. Williams’ response:

“Students were given all the science facts about the origins of same sex attraction and also introduced to ex-gays who verify that change is possible. A need for a student group that promotes same sex relationships became a mute point in their opinion. Students are very capable of sound critical thinking when given all the facts and opinions on given issues. Jesus loves all of us captive to many sins, however He would also say to us all, go and sin no more.”

You can see the exchange in the photo below.

Williams is the only Republican seeking the District 3 seat. Incumbent Michael Soto of San Antonio is being challenged by Marisa Perez in the Democratic primary. All three candidates are from San Antonio.

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13 thoughts on “TX SBOE Candidate Posts Anti-gay Views on FB

  1. “Students were given all the science facts about the origins of same sex attraction and also introduced to ex-gays who verify that change is possible.”

    What science facts is he talking about? You should look into this further. Also, did these “ex-gays” lecture at a public school?

    Guessing this guy is spreading nonsense, but there could be some backwards little school somewhere that lets bigots preach anti-gay hatred to the students.

  2. It is totally evident that individuals like David Williams do not have the faintest idea what science is. There is no such thing as an ex-gay. Any who claims to have gone from homosexual to heterosexual wasn’t a homosexual in the first place, he was a bi-sexual, and most likely a totally AC/DC bisexual who can act as a totally heterosexual or a homosexual, I know this because I am an AC/DC bisexual who all my hetero friends think I am hetero and my homo friends think I am Homo, whereas my bisexual friends know that I am Bi.

  3. It became a “mute” point, eh? I guess silence is golden.

    Especially if you are an ignorant, under-educated moron. Well played, Deborah!

  4. Well, here we go again. The only thing a Bible believing Christian can say without any hesitation is that homosexuality is a sin. Romans 1, Jude, Ist Timothy, and first Corinthians all put homosexuality in a very poor light and not only is it sin, but Romans 1 states very clearly that it is also a judicial act that God turns people over to that lifestyle as a judgement for unbelief.

    There is tangible physical evidence that God does judge homosexuality with harshness. The region around the dead sea has never recovered from the fire and brimstone of Sodom and Gommorah.

    The argument homosexuals have is not with any person but with God who created a a universe with fixed natural laws. To be homosexual is to be unnatural as reproduction is impossible. Try putting two positive ends of a battery together. They repel.

    I would suggest that people read their Bibles and open their hearts to what God is saying because Christ died for those sins like he did any others. We are all sinners saved by grace but Biblically it is clear that practicing homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. ( Ist Corinthians give a list in Chapter 6 verses 6-9)

  5. Rt.Rev. Okay. Fine. Homosexuality is a sin. Does that mean they cannot have a club at school? Lots of sinners of all stripes either have clubs or are members in assorted clubs.

    Most so-called Bible-believing Christians do not believe in drinking alcoholic beverages. Sinners who do drink alcoholic beverages do have clubs. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Drink up Shriners!!!” The drunken Shriners have their special masonryi-lke club. Why do these sinners get to have their own club, and the gay people cannot have their own club. Delta Airlines has special clubs in airports (pass key only) for regular fliers and a liquor laden bar. Why do they get to have their own club, and the gay people cannot have their own club?

    This is not about whether the gay kids are sinners. This is about whether gay sinners can have their own club. I don’t see why not? Sinners have their own clubs all over the planet. If they are all going to Hell anyway, and about 78 years of life on Earth is all they have to get a little peace and satisfaction out of life before going into an eternity of pitiless torture that will last forever and ever, why not be merciful and let them have the brief joy and peace of having their own club.

    The Ku Klux has its Klan. The neonazis have their own clubs. The skinheads have their own clubs. The Christian reconstructionist crazies have their own Chalcedon Society club. And speaking of crazies, one of these deluded nuts even has a 700 Club.

    Just a few thoughts.

  6. “Try putting two positive ends of a battery together. They repel.”

    No they don’t. And neither batteries nor magnets are people.

    And by the way – the fire and brimstone of Sodom and Gomorrah is just as fictional as talking, walking snakes.

  7. Charles,

    I say let them have their club. I really don’t see the problem with that kind of a club. In Arizona the high school I taught at had a group called GLAS. (gays, lebians and straights). I coached softball and had many lesbians on the team. I was invited to speak at their group meetings on more than one occasion. I was friends with the faculty sponsor. I was teased by others on the faculty about using my Bible. I didn’t use it. I wasn’t there to cast aspersions on them. I interacted in ways that made them feel comfortable without feeling threatened or mistreated. And I didn’t compromise my beliefs either. They knew where I stood.

    A problem that many Christians have is that they take it so personal about what someone else does.
    I don’t feel threatened by what people do or believe but the hard reality is that I can’t say anything other than what Scripture says if I am true my Christian convictions. I am secure in my beliefs and so I don’t feel a need to put people down or make them feel worthless.

    Another problem Christians have is that nowhere in the Bible does it ever say we should mistreat or malign someone. Christians are to be Ambassadors not Warriors. I can give an account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, talk about sin and such without attacking the person. Jesus Christ set the example with the woman at the well and the woman taken in adultery. I want people to be saved through believing in Jesus Christ and can only present the Gospel in a clear manner with kindness and patience. What is the old saying, “bees are attracted by honey, not vinegar”.

    You did mention drinking so if you will permit me. I don’t drink but that is because I have never developed a taste for it. I never developed taste for coffee. My wife and I keep beer and alcohol in the house for our friends who do like to imbibe. Drinking in the Bible is only a sin when it leads to drunkedness. It talks about it being good for a sour stomach. It is a sin if a person sins against their concience. Jesus turned water into wine. Some would say it was really grape juice but the original texts say wine.

    In any case, I hope this answered the question.

    Take care.

  8. Looks like that page linked above is no longer available. Glad you got a screen capture.

  9. Why worry about Texas being 47th in literacy, when you can just bash gays instead?

  10. When these so called Christians worry as much about stores being open on Sunday as their right-wing agenda then I’ll consider them sincere. “Thou shall keep holy the Sabbath” is one of the top 10. Nothing about gays in the Ten Commandments. Yet when was the last time you saw picket lines in front of Wal-Mart on Sunday? Another one of the big 10 is “Thou shall not kill.” Where are the pickets in front of the military bases? Those are places that teach killing and provide the tools to do so. Not in the Ten Commandments but also given plenty of space in the good book are prohibitions against eating shellfish or any seafood without scales. It is called an abomination. Any boycotts of Red Lobster? Petition drives to remove the offensive items from the local supermarkets?

  11. Interesting. Such a vote might violate the federal Equal Access Act (20 USC § 4071). Might not, if it was a private school that didn’t get any federal funding, though. (Or banned all other clubs.) Probably largely moot, since it was six years back.

    Google turns up a few other Facebook posts by “David Deborah Williams”. In addition to the Family Research Council, he seems somewhat of a fan of Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, the “American Institute for Technology and Science Education” (another creationism-in-a-labcoat outfit; this seemed a marginally interesting comment), Texas Alliance For Life, the Manhattan Declaration, Liberty Counsel, John Hagee Ministries (another marginally interesting comment), Focus On The Family, David Barton/WallBuilders, and James Dobson’s “Family Talk”.