Time for Legislature to Stand for Equality for All Texans


Today we were proud to stand at the state Capitol with our partners and LGBT advocates from across Texas to call on lawmakers to support equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Check out the press release we just sent out:

March 18, 2019

AUSTIN – With LGBT Texans and allies rallying against discrimination at the state Capitol today, Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is calling on lawmakers to support equality for all Texans, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

“Two years after trying to pass a bill dictating which bathrooms transgender Texans can use, the lieutenant governor this session appears to be focusing on more sweeping discrimination legislation. His fingerprints all over bills that would make LGBT Texans vulnerable to discrimination in virtually every aspect of their lives. But he might be surprised to learn that the majority of Texans reject this kind of divisive politics. They believe in treating others as we all want to be treated, fairly and equally. Even though we all have different beliefs about many things, what’s most important are the values we have in common. When it comes to being able to earn a living, or being served in a place of business or government office, LGBT people should be treated like anyone else and not be discriminated against.”

This month the Public Religion Research Institute released new polling for its American Values Atlas showing that 66 percent of Texans support laws that prohibit businesses from discriminating against LGBT people.

But Miller pointed to this month’s refiling of SB444 as SB17, suggesting that the bill is a high priority for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. SB 17 would prohibit state agencies from adopting a rule or policy, or impose a penalty, that limits a license holder’s ability to discriminate based on their religious beliefs. License holders in Texas include health care providers, counselors, lawyers and dozens of other professions. SB17 is just one of more than a dozen bills that would turn religion into a license to discriminate against LGBT Texans. And the Senate is considering another bill, SB15, that in its current form could undermine local ordinances that protect LGBT Texans from employment discrimination.

A coalition of organizations sponsored today’s All in for Equality Advocacy Day at the Capitol: TFN, Equality Texas, Transgender Education Network of Texas, Human Rights Campaign and ACLU of Texas.


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