This Week @ the Texas Legislature: Attacking LGBT Equality

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Wednesday, April 15
House State Affairs Committee

On Wednesday, we will see yet another legislative hearing on a bill attacking LGBT Texans. This bill takes aim on a particularly vulnerable population — transgender teens.

HB 2801 by state Rep. Gilbert Peña, R-Pasadena, would subject any school district to a fine of $2,000 if it allows a transgender person to use a restroom, locker room or shower facility appropriate to his or her gender identity.

Here is a helpful story from The Advocate about how wrongheaded — and dangerous — this proposal is.

Call the members of the House State Affairs committee and tell them you oppose HB 2801. Tell them that:

  • Restricting trans students to bathrooms based on “biological sex” puts such youth at risk for increased harassment and stigmatization. Trans students are already at greater risk for harassment and violence.
  • This bill is based on the false fear that trans people, particularly trans women, threaten the safety of women and children. Experts have repeatedly debunked the myth that transgender non-discrimination laws give sexual predators access to women’s restrooms.

6 thoughts on “This Week @ the Texas Legislature: Attacking LGBT Equality

  1. SMH. Why don’t the Texas Legislators just make it illegal to be transgender in the state? This is insane. Actually, this places undue burden on schools and administrators.

  2. How many ways can one say, “MYOB!” Mind your own business! A transgender person is no more interested in ‘peeking’ at your wife or daughter’s private parts than they are at being ‘peeked’ at! As far as a transgender person is concerned, they are the opposite gender and AREN’T attracted to the gender they feel they are! They were born in the wrong body type and are trying to change to the right one. They aren’t evil or bad, just different. Now leave them alone and MYOB!

  3. This is just form of discriminatory treatment in this country. The minority is different, but the hate is the same. I plan to vote, and voting haters out of ofice is a veautiful; idea.

  4. Enough!! Stop discrimating against our kids. As a woman and mom, I am offended that you are insulting our kids who are the future of this country. The very people who will decide your fate in the next election. The trans kids have enough to endure.We do not need you to further cause them distress.

  5. This is ridiculous and mean-spirited. What exactly are you afraid of? Please do not let this proposed bill go any further.

  6. pandering to the religious extremists on the fringe may have gotten you where you are in texas. attacking children and mandating what amounts to bullying is low even for you TEXAS. Its no surprise that you attack women, chilseen and ths poor just like any other BULLY. well you may think you are attacking the weak but your in for a big surprise. were still TEXANS!