The War on Women in Texas: A Mix of Despicable and Inspiring Voices

by Dan Quinn

The far right’s war on women at the Texas Capitol didn’t end in the state Senate last weekend. Friday night’s passage of extreme anti-abortion legislation has followed years of other efforts to limit women’s access to birth control and students’ access to sex education that would help reduce teen pregnancies and the number of abortions in Texas. And those efforts will almost certain continue.

But what’s different now is that tens of thousands of Texas women and men are fighting back harder then ever before. Together we are determined to stop the war on women, get politicians out of the private lives of Texans and provide responsible sex education in public schools.

All of us have been outraged as well as inspired by what we’ve heard in this debate. Tell us what were some of your favorite (or most enraging) quotes of the last month in the comments below, or tweet @TFN using the hash tag #StandWithTxWomen, and we’ll feature some of those quotes. We’ll get started with this despicable tweet from Peggy Venable, head of the far-right group Americans for Prosperity-Texas:


Bu then we heard inspiring voices, like Cecile Richards’. The Texas Freedom Network founder and current Planned Parenthood spoke at a rally against the war on women on July 1 at the Texas Capitol: