The Hypocrisy of a Hater

by Dan Quinn

The American Family Association, identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, is lashing out at its critics. On his radio program Monday, AFA talking head Bryan Fischer claimed that criticism of AFA’s extremist rhetoric and its role in organizing Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s August prayer event in Houston is actually a hate crime. And he blames gay people specifically.


“(What) homosexual activists want to do to me and the AFA is a hate crime. In other words, what you are watching, ladies and gentlemen, you are watching the slow-motion commission of a hate crime. You are watching a hate crime in action. Because the definition of a hate crime is harassment, intimidation that is based by prejudice, motivated by prejudice against somebody’s religious beliefs. So this intimidation, this harassment, and remember one of the definitions in a hate crime of harassment is derogatory terminology, derogatory language, so you can see all kinds of epithets that are going to be thrown at us, that meets the definition of a hate crime.”

So Fischer thinks he and AFA are being “harassed” because of their religious beliefs? We’d like to know which religious teachings led Fischer to call the African-American president of the United States a “boy.” What religion taught him that gay people were responsible for the murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust? What religion told Fischer it’s okay to smear– in truly vile terms — African-American women who are on welfare?

Fischer wants to complain about “derogatory terminology” and “epithets” aimed at him and AFA? Well, we suppose he would know what qualifies as such. After all, Fischer calls Muslims “parasites” and a “toxic cancer.” He also knows something about intimidation, having suggested that the U.S. military should kill Muslims who don’t to convert to Christianity. Isn’t threatening death the ultimate intimidation tactic?

Truth is, AFA’s critics are simply shining a light on the organization’s divisive and hateful rhetoric. So it’s worth asking: why is Gov. Perry associating with this hate group? Sign the open letter calling on Gov. Perry to stop working with AFA and to make his August prayer event truly open and welcoming to all people of goodwill who love their country.

(Video from the vigilant folks at Right Wing Watch.)



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