That’s the Ticket

Steven Andrew, president of the way-way-out-there USA Christian Ministries, sent out a press release last week saying that “voting for Mitt Romney is betraying Jesus Christ” because Romney is a Mormon. He goes on:

“Voting for Romney or Obama who do not follow God causes the economy to decline and removes Christian freedoms (Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26).”

And he makes a pitch for Rick Santorum for the Republican presidential nomination:

“There is hope. Rick Santorum includes God in government as our Founding Fathers said to do and obeys God with pro-life and one-man and one-woman marriage. Since obeying God will fix the economy, Americans should vote for Santorum who is the most God-fearing Republican running (2 Chronicles 7:13-14).”

So there you have it: no Mormons, end abortion, oppose gay marriage, obey God and — presto — the economy will boom. In other words, bow to the religious right’s political agenda or you’re going to hell and taking our nation’s economy down with you.

7 thoughts on “That’s the Ticket

  1. It’s kinda’ fun to watch the holy-rollers destroy each other because they aren’t properly christian, tooooo funny by half again.

  2. Even more, they are not factually educated enough to know the Founding Fathers, with capitol Fs (see Webster’s), define only those men who attended the 1787 Constitutional Convention and the commandment which they wrote about religion, see the U.S. Constitution, specifically forbid a “religious,” Art. 6., Sec. 3., test for public office. The nationally elected representatives in the First Congress promptly added the commandment of no law even respecting an establishment of “religion,” First Amendment: .