TFN President Criticizes Sen. Patrick for Harassing School Districts and Teachers Over CSCOPE

On Sunday, Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, posted on his Facebook page to ask his followers to report to him about teachers who use CSCOPE in their lessons.

Here’s TFN’s response, as issued to the press this morning.

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is calling on state Sen. Dan Patrick, the Houston Republican who chairs the Senate Education Committee, to stop harassing local school districts and teachers over lessons they choose for their own classrooms.

Sen. Patrick used his Facebook page on Sunday to ask parents to “alert” him if they see teachers continue using lessons from CSCOPE, a curriculum management system produced by the state’s Education Service Centers. He then said he would pass that information on to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Sen. Patrick and other legislators bullied the service centers into agreeing last month to stop writing lessons, but some teachers apparently want to continue using lessons already produced.

“Sen. Patrick seems to think someone has appointed him Texas classroom czar, with the power to dictate to local teachers what they can and can’t do in their own classrooms,” Miller said. “But school districts and their teachers, who work with parents in their own communities, know far better than attention-craving politicians in Austin how to teach their students. Sen. Patrick should stop this politically motivated harassment of teachers and trust them to do their jobs.”

On his Facebook page Sunday, Sen. Patrick said his office will forward information about teachers using CSCOPE to the attorney general to determine whether a district has violated an agreement the Education Service Centers made in May to stop producing lessons. But school districts were not a party to such an agreement and have the authority to decide for themselves what resources teachers use in their classrooms.

Tea party activists and other CSCOPE critics have absurdly claimed that the program’s lessons are anti-American and are indoctrinating students into Marxism and Islam. Education Service Centers, created by the state in the 1960s to provide services to school districts, contracted with current and retired Texas teachers to write those lessons plans so that they cover state curriculum standards. More than 870 school districts — nearly 80 percent of all the state’s school districts — plus a number of Roman Catholic and other Christian schools in Texas have been using CSCOPE.

11 thoughts on “TFN President Criticizes Sen. Patrick for Harassing School Districts and Teachers Over CSCOPE

  1. What a fascist bully. Patrick should be wearing his Nazi Party uniform. He says he is going to report offenders to the state’s chief law enforcement officer. Since teachers have every right to continue to use CSCOPE lesson plans, he is trying to scare them. His conduct is really reprehensible. He doesn’t belong in public office.

    1. Steven – Do you suppose Patrick and Abbot play bedroom games dressed up in Gestapo uniforms? It would not surprise me a bit! I wonder who pitches and who catches or if they take turns?

  2. As an educator for the past 12 yrs, I can’t say that I particularly liked CSCOPE… the thing is though, that teachers can choose which lessons to use in their classrooms as long as they cover the TEKS for their subject. It’s neither Sen. Patrick’s nor Attn Gen. Abbott’s “duty” to see that teachers don’t use CSCOPE anymore, as that’s beyond the scope of their jobs. When people like the Sen. and Atty Gen. start acting in the best interests of all Texans, and especially the children, then I’ll listen to what they have to say. Other than that, it’s all claptrap from attention seeking glory-hounds who have no conception of what it means to be a teacher in this state.

    1. Katherine,

      I had the pleasure of having Abbott posting on my Facebook page about the evils of President Obama and how he should be impeached for, well, everything, including the sunrise every morning and the crucifixion. This guy does not care one bit about his “job” or the general welfare of Texas.

  3. What happened to the CSCOPE lessons is the way the culture of the 21st century will burn books. This is just a reminder:

    “That was mere foreplay. Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.” Heinrich Heine, Almansor (1821)

  4. How do you spell Paranoia? P-a-t-r-i-c-k.Fascism? A-b-b-o-t-t.

    Can the legislative session be over now and let Patrick go back to his incessant blathering?

  5. Everyone must remember that Senator Patrick has a broadcaster background which means he loves to be in charge, in control with a large love of an audience, to perform in front of, which invariably means he likes ‘to be in control’. This is very important for all to understand. Two, Senator Patrick has a double standard; he does things in favor of himself, whereas those he wants ‘to lead’ (control) should only follow his lead, so he cam be in control of them and their ideas, which means again, it’s very important for him ‘to be in control.’

    To promote pro-Islamic, pro-Muslium, socialist and environmentalist indoctrination within a lesson plan directed toward children’s indoctrination of such things which has already been discussed and approved to be ending, with Senator Patrick bullying those he may believe he can ‘control’ is showing his desperation that he’s loosing his performance base and control of others, which promotes his control of others to help him promote and advances his anti-American agenda while holding a Texas Senate seat, where he gave an oath to represent all of his area who are American citizens, within the US, which some may in fact be something other than a Christian he would represent them; which he is IS heinous, immodest, infamously, noticeably, notoriously, obviously, openly, ostentatiously NOT.

    There is no federal law that specifically applies to bullying, however, in some cases, when bullying is based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or religion*, bullying overlaps with harassment and schools are legally obligated to address it and when bullying overlaps with harassment it is important how to report it to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights and then U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

    I would take heed Senator Patrick, you are infringing on others’ rights by harassing others on subjects which go against the Constitution of these United States which supports all who are citizens reregardless of religion. SHAME ON YOU SENATOR PATRICK. YOU ARE WRITING YOUR OWN LEGACY WHICH WILL BE REMEMBERED FOREVER.

    Texas Education Code Annotated §21.451 – Staff development requirements

    Texas Education Code Annotated §25.0342 – Transfer of students who are victims of or have engaged in bullying

    Texas Education Code Annotated §28.002 – Required curriculum

    Texas Education Code Annotated §37.0832 – Bullying prevention policies and procedures

    Texas Education Code Annotated §37.123 – Disruptive activities

    Texas Education Code Annotated §37.124 – Disruption of classes

    Texas Education Code Annotated §37.217 – Community education relating to internet safety

    All of the above with which Senator Patrick should consider enlightening himself about when mentioning the use of CSCOPE and giving advise to a teacher in Texas concerning their lesson plan.

  6. I live in this fascist’s district and I am proud that I never voted for him.

  7. Here is a novel idea, why don’t we start impeachment proceedings against Patrick and his partner in crime, Abbott?? They refuse to abide by the constitution of the United States, the Texas constitution or the laws provided by them. They ridicule the rights of individuals, promote and impose their religious values(or lack thereof ) on the people of Texas and they provided the framework and the beginning of the destruction of public education in favor of their partners in the business of for pay education. Their war on women’s rights is straight out of the 2nd century and contrary to rights given to all in the constitution of both the state and our nation. I find it hard to believe that these hypocrites have much of a statewide following after all of the destruction and mayhem they have caused recently. Please vote like your life and that of your family depends on it, for it truly does.x

    1. Bill – That is a good call to action, but who do we contact to start the proceedings? He is protected by the Texas Gestapo led by Greg Abbott and his ilk.