TFN and Bill Nye the Science Guy

If you were watching our Facebook page this week, you may have noticed a series of silhouetted pictures teasing a big announcement of this year’s celebrity guest for TFN’s EPIC Evening.

Well, we’re very proud and honored to reveal that the person depicted by a silhouette in those images is Bill Nye the Science Guy.

(EPIC Evening will take place in Austin on Sunday, Nov. 3. You can find event details at

Bill Nye the Science Guy, or BNtSG for short as some of us at the office have been calling him, is an ideal choice this year. The Texas State Board of Education has already started the process of adopting new science textbooks, and as we know all too well, these adoptions can get contentious.

The final vote in this process will take place shortly after Mr. Nye visits Austin for EPIC Evening. So who better to give us a science pep talk than the man who is known for wearing bow ties and for lots of other things, including saying this about creationism:

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