TFN Launches SBOE Elections Online HQ

Ignorance isn’t a Texas value, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the State Board of Education.

The state board approves textbooks and curriculum standards for Texas public schools. That’s a lot of power. But for years now, right-wing ideologues on the board have censored American history, rejected established science and ignored the recommendations of teachers and scholars. In fact, far-right board members have rallied around former board chair Don McLeroy’s bizarre declaration that “somebody’s gotta stand up to experts!”

For supporters of public education, it’s been maddening. And for most Texans, it’s been downright embarrassing.

So enough. It’s time for a new State Board of Education.

Because of redistricting, all 15 seats on the state board are up for election this year. To help educate voters about the board and how they can work to change it this year, the Texas Freedom Network today launched an online SBOE Elections HQ ( There you’ll find information about the board and its history, candidates in this year’s elections and an electoral analysis of each state board district.

More importantly, you can sign on to a pledge to help change the state board this year. TFN will give you the resources you need to get informed about the state board, talk to friends and family about the board elections this year and vote for candidates who will focus on kids, not politics and personal agendas.

So take the pledge and work this year for a new State Board of Education in Texas.