Texas Rising Delivers Letter Demanding El Paso’s District Attorney Make Abortion Cases the Lowest Priority in Her Jurisdiction

EL PASO, Texas – Texas Freedom Network’s youth organizing project, Texas Rising, along with community leaders, organizers, professors, elected officials, and health care professionals, are sending a letter to El Paso’s District Attorney Yvonne Rosales in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s overturn to demand the following:

  1. That DA Rosales makes abortion cases the lowest priority in her jurisdiction
  2. Join Fair and Just Prosecution’s joint statement in which nearly 90 elected prosecutors from around the nation pledged not to prosecute or file charges against people who access abortion services or those who help them access abortion resources.

“Prosecuting people over their private medical decisions is neither fair nor compassionate—it is cruel. We hope you will uphold your oath by protecting our community from such traumatizing and unnecessary prosecutions,” the activists highlighted in the letter.

Additionally, they point out how vulnerable the El Paso community is without access to abortion and the full spectrum of reproductive health care, further urging DA Rosales to join Fair and Just Prosecution.

“We ask that you recognize the demographics of our community,’’ they said in the letter. ‘‘The people most affected by these criminal prosecutions are the people that do not have the necessary resources: underpaid workers, those living with physical and mental disabilities, people who are in abusive relationships, or those who are undocumented and cannot travel to safe haven states for care. Again, we urge you to honor the oath that you took to keep our community safe by choosing not to prosecute people for seeking the necessary healthcare they need.”

The letter, including the full slate of organizations and individuals who have joined to make these demands, can be found here