Texas Lawmaker: Discrimination Is Over, End Protections for Women and Minorities

The religious right rallied anti-equality activists to a Plano City Council hearing on Monday, in what was ultimately an unsuccessful attempt to persuade city leaders to table a proposal to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s existing non-discrimination ordinance. The proposal passed by a 5-3 vote.

But before the vote, Collin County Commissioner and state Rep.-elect Matt Shaheen, R-Plano, had an interesting take on why the council should reject the ordinance. Shaheen pointed to his own election, then pointed to the fact that Plano and the country both elected African Americans to lead them as an argument not only to deny LGBT individuals discrimination protections, but also as an argument for stripping women, African Americans and other minorities of existing protections.

In the age of 9/11, you have a Middle-Eastern man standing before you that has been elected three different times to represent a predominantly white community, two times overwhelmingly … The president of the United States and the mayor of Plano are African American. What I would suggest you do as a city council is not look at this ordinance and look at classes to expand to, I think as a city council you ought to look to see if there’s items you can remove.

We can all go home, y’all. Shaheen says discrimination is over.


2 thoughts on “Texas Lawmaker: Discrimination Is Over, End Protections for Women and Minorities

  1. Matt Shaheen is such a patriot that he has BOTH lapel buttonholes filled with flag and political pins. All he needs now is a high-peaked black officer’s cap with additional insignia and he will be appropriately dressed for his ideology.

    1. Yoozuns means that little silver skull donchey? In 1943, I could honestly say, “Them German conservatives just luvs them little silver skulls.” Does you luvs them little silver skulls?

      Typical language of the East Tennessee people who follow the lead of people like Matt Shaheen.