Texas Governor’s Signing of SB 8’s Six-Week Abortion Ban Shows Contempt for Private Health Care Decisions

Efforts to Ban Abortion Are About Controlling and Shaming

May 19, 2021

Texas Freedom Network President Val Benavidez has the following statement on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s signing of SB 8, which would ban abortion before someone even knows they’re pregnant and allows virtually anyone to file a lawsuit against a physician who they allege performed an illegal abortion or a family member or friend who helps a person access one.

“As we struggle to recover from a global pandemic and a preventable and deadly power outage that left us freezing in the dark last February, Texans deserve better than elected leaders who have so much contempt for the freedom to make our own private health care decisions. Signing this bill into law doesn’t change the fact that most Texans believe abortion should be accessible and that everyone should be free to determine the course of their own reproductive lives, including whether and when to become a parent. This law doesn’t just have government interfere in these decisions, but also gives virtually anyone the ability to legally harass and try to financially ruin a physician, family member or friend who helps someone obtain an abortion. This bill is about little more than anti-abortion extremists trying to control and shame people for making health care decision they don’t like.”


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