Anti-Trans Bill Halted: Texas Freedom Network Releases Statement on Senate Bill 29’s Fate in Texas Legislature

For Immediate Release
May 26, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas House of Representatives failed earlier today to advance SB 29, a cruel bill that would ban transgender children from participating in youth sports corresponding to their gender identity. The effort was halted by Democratic opponents of the legislation, who successfully blocked it from being voted on before Tuesday’s midnight deadline. However, shortly following the bill’s failure, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called on Gov. Greg Abbott to convene a special session to revive the cruel and unnecessary legislation.

Texas Freedom Network Political Director Carisa Lopez issued the following statement:

“As a result of relentless advocacy, grassroots organizing, constituent engagement and a firm stand by Democratic allies in the legislature running late into the night, this cruel attack on Texas children has stalled—for now.

“Despite this hard-won victory, the threat to Texas children remains. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s call for Gov. Greg Abbott to convene a special legislative session to revive this shameless attack on transgender children means the fight is not over yet.

“Instead of taking the time to address the real issues facing our state, like our failing power grid that left millions of Texans without heat or running water during a freezing winter storm, Dan Patrick has decided that what’s really most important to him is stopping children from participating in youth sports corresponding to their gender identity. It’s absolutely despicable.

“This is only the most recent episode in Dan Patrick’s long and disgraceful history of attacking transgender rights in Texas. His year-long crusade to impose a bathroom ban on transgender Texans was resoundingly rejected by the legislature in 2017, drawing intense opposition from the Texas business community. Dan Patrick’s party went on to lose 14 seats in the legislature the following year.

“The Texas Freedom Network will continue to fight for transgender rights until the threat is well and truly gone. We celebrate this temporary victory and applaud the tireless efforts of activists and lawmakers who fought hard to bring this bill to the brink of defeat. But the fight continues, and we’re not going anywhere.”


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