Tell the Truth, Terri Leo

Add Terri Leo to the list of irresponsible Texas State Board of Education members attacking the faith of teachers and others who are helping revise the state’s social studies curriculum standards. She’s also not telling the truth, and she knows it. […]

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Looking for a Real ‘War on Christmas’?

Now WorldNetDaily — the fringe Web site that promotes one far-right conspiracy theory after another — is peddling the bogus “war on Christmas” story in Texas. But that’s not the only thing WND is peddling. Read on to find out how the Web site does a pretty good job of demeaning Christmas all on its […]

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David Barton Thinks You’re Stupid

That seems a reasonable conclusion after reading David Barton’s review of the first draft of new social studies curriculum standards for Texas public schools. He clearly hopes that Texans are gullible enough to buy the “war on Christmas” nonsense he and other far-right fanatics have been screaming about the last few years. Barton’s review attacks curriculum […]

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The War on Common Sense

A Texas-based group affiliated with James Dobson’s far-right Focus on the Family is charging that an alleged “war on Christmas” has now moved to the debate over public school social studies curriculum standards in Texas. But the “evidence” the group provides is so absurd that they must think Texans are just plain stupid and gullible. […]

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