Looking for a Real ‘War on Christmas’?

Now WorldNetDaily — the fringe Web site that promotes one far-right conspiracy theory after another — is peddling the bogus “war on Christmas” story in Texas. But that’s not the only thing WND is peddling. Read on to find out how the Web site does a pretty good job of demeaning Christmas all on its own.

Dave Welch, head of the U.S. Pastor Council and Houston Area Pastor Council, leads the charge in an essay on WND. Welch criticizes social studies curriculum writers in Texas for proposing to drop Christmas and add the Hindu and Buddhist festival of Diwali in a requirement that students learn about significant religious holidays and observances from the world’s major religions. Welch charges that the proposed changes are an attack on Christmas, Christianity and America’s heritage:

“Secular, anti-Christian revisionists want our children to think that all religions are equal, that there are many paths to God, god-consciousness, Mother Earth, etc., and that all religions and cultures produce equal fruits.  It is beyond disturbing that many if not most educational experts in charge of the majority of our nation’s children believe this to be true.”

Never mind that the requirement appears in a course about world cultures, not the United States. Never mind that Christianity isn’t univerally practiced around the world. And never mind that curriculum writers wanted to offer one example for each of the world’s major religions, including Easter for Christianity. Why let facts get in the way of manufactured outrage?

Welch goes on to describe the significance of Christmas:

“It’s about the name of Jesus, stupid.  At the end of the day, it is always about the name and the divinity of Jesus Christ.”

But not for WorldNetDaily, apparently. In the middle of Welch’s essay we find an advertising link taking readers to the “WND Superstore”:

Don’t be afraid to communicate the true meaning of Christmas with a “Reason for the Season” auto magnet – order one for each of your vehicles!

That’s right. For just $3.99 you can advertise the real “Reason for the Season” with a tacky auto magnet. (Hurry while supplies last!) According to the “WND Superstore”:

“Here’s another way to express yourself this Christmas season — and the next and the next! This durable ‘Reason for the Season Auto Magnet’ is a 7-inch Christmas tree image with a Nativity scene within–the perfect reminder that Jesus is the true reason we celebrate Christmas.”

So the religious right — always looking for a reason to be outraged — has no problem with commercializing the birth of Jesus to earn a few bucks. If Welch is looking for a real “war on Christmas,” he doesn’t need to look much further than the Web site that published his hypocritical essay. But he finds it easier to attack hard-working teachers helping write a curriculum that gives Texas students a well-rounded education.

5 thoughts on “Looking for a Real ‘War on Christmas’?

  1. So, with the video and audio both on at the SBOE meeting tomorrow, does TFN plan to be there and do its usual TFN Insider real-time commentary on the meeting? I always enjoy reading that here—not that you have to do it for me or anything like that—just wondrin’.

  2. NO! No, don’t tell me that the religious right has taken over the world-renowned experts on child-birth? From forced labor/delivery to the certifications of same, No one, I repeat, no body, covers the stories that WND has the, uh, courage, yeah courage, to tell! Just ask continent-spanning dental, law, and realty expert, Zsa Zsa…I-I mean Orly Taitz!

    Charles, they mention in the email summary that they’ll be live-blogging the festivities. Plus, if you prop open your cd/dvd door, they’ll shoot out popcorn for us to enjoy every time David Barton shines his boots on the SS curriculum’ portions considered too liberal for his tastes. ( Whew, thass a lotta popcorn!)

  3. I can’t believe that you’re going to drop Christmas! As a retired Social Studies teacher, I think it is absurd to drop it in favor of a Hindu and Buddhist holyday. Keep Christmas and ADD the Hindu and Buddhist one. If you want to be fair, give the Hindu and Buddhist 2 holydays. Give the Jews 2 holydays. Same for the Muslims! DON”T GIVE THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT AN EASY TARGET LIKE DROPPING CHRISTMAS! There is enough to change – don’t give them an open door to make you look stupid!

    1. For the record, TFN has no issue (and never did) with Christmas listed as an example in the standards. What angered us was the feigned outrage from far-right groups who deliberately distorted what the curriculum team was trying to do and what the course was about.