Books ‘R’ Us: Readers on the Impact of Books in Their Lives

Books are magic. They teach, inspire, comfort, guide, and entertain us. They can challenge our worldview, transport and connect us to realities that aren’t always our own. They build us up, and sometimes, they can reveal our truest selves without judgment. They’re reliable, safe spaces, and great listeners. They help us place ourselves in the big, unknowable world. […]

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Texas SBOE Fails Students on LGBTQ-Inclusion, Climate Change

The State Board of Education’s refusal even to acknowledge the existence of LGBTQ people in new health curriculum standards is a tragic failure to help ensure that Texas public schools are safe and inclusive for all students, Texas Freedom Network President Val Benavidez said today. […]

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National Report Card: Texas Among the States Failing Students on Climate Change

When the State Board of Education wrote new science standards for Texas public schools 11 years ago, Republican board members dismissed teaching students about climate change as “hooey” and a “political agenda.” Now as the country has become even more vulnerable to powerful storms, massive wildfires and devastating cycles of drought and flooding, the TFN […]

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